Ya'll know I'm a coffee/café lover, and it's such an exciting event when a new café opens up in my area. One such place is Tugawe Cove Café, a cute, very chill hang-out location situated by the entrance of Robinson's Place Naga.


From the get-go, I was immediately attracted to the huge painted wall by the entrance, and anyone who passes by is sure to see it. I found it intriguing and very bold, and the wall had the makings of becoming an excellent background to my selfies. From the outside, I like how it was designed. It felt homey and warm, and gave me a sense of not having to rush to do anything immediately. I wanted to stay and chase time away.


Tugawe Cove Café offered a relaxed, calming vibe. I stepped inside and I resolved to stay for as long as I was allowed. There's plenty of light (perfect for those flat lays!) and it just feels airy. Light. Paired with the smell of freshly brewed coffee, the setting was perfect. If I were still studying I'd definitely come over during long breaks and review for an exam there.


Of course, you don't go to a café just to admire its interior. The deal-breaker is the quality of the food being served. No matter how pretty a place is, if the food sucks, I'll be out the door in a moment. Here's how Tugawe Cove Café fared in my opinion.

lt was my first time, so I wasn't sure which pasta dish to order. I went for my guts and ordered the Tugawe Lasagna, along with a glass of Iced Caramel Macchiato.

Now I do have to be honest - as I always am when reviewing things/places/food - the quality of the pasta could've been better. It was pretty good overall though, and I would've loved to have taken a fork out of it while it was still hot (our fault - we just had to take photos). Tasted very light for a pasta dish, and it isn't hard on the stomach at all. 

I loved the macchiato though, but I made a terrible mistake by having a glass during the afternoon. While I have a high tolerance for caffeine, certain drinks still get to me. Surprisingly, this was one of 'em. I could NOT sleep that night. That was when I got heaps of ideas for zines I wanted to create. Huh. Would you look at that. 

For this set, I'm giving it a 3.75/5 stars. (Don't get me wrong - it was great, okay? I just have high standards when it comes to pasta, coming from a family of great cooks and having a mom who's worked at an authentic Italian restaurant in Australia. Once you taste authentic, anything else won't compare.)

This dish was ordered by my friend over at Nickastig, and according to him, it tasted great. Personally, I've never tried any seafood dish I didn't like, so I'm guessing it holds true for this pasta dish as well. I'll have to try this out for myself next time.


Overall, I see myself going back during the weekends off work and just hanging out. I LOVE the ambience and the amount of sunlight it invites inside the café. I can't pass judgement on a place just because I tasted one dish. Not my style. :)

Stay tuned for progress of this review. I'll definitely be trying the others on the menu.