I'm not much of a 'sweet dessert' type of person. I love a balance of flavors, whether it's a sweet and tangy combo, or something much darker. As long as a dessert isn't too sweet, I'm all for it.

So, when I was scrolling through my Facebook feed earlier this week, I happened upon a post by an acquaintance who was selling desserts (crepes and cakes in a jar) for delivery. It looked really interesting and refreshing in the midst of anti-government posts.

LA CREMA Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with our creamy crêpes and cakes in a jar 🍯 Creamy Crêpes: Banana Choco...

Posted by Allan Camata on Sunday, May 31, 2020

I knew I wanted to blog about the desserts I ordered, so I got one of each product and did a taste test ('cause why not?). Want to skip the details and read my final thoughts?

The Packaging

The desserts were delivered properly without leaks or dents. The crepes were packed neatly inside recyclable boxes and the jars were also reusable. I also love that they were delivered to us quite chilled.

The Crêpes

I'm a huge crêpe fan, so I ordered both options: Mango Cream & Banana Choco. Like I said earlier, I'm not into incredibly sweet desserts, so the mango crêpe was my favorite of the two. On the other hand, my brother and cousin are huge sweet nuts, so it was easy to tell which one they'd love more. The Banana Choco crêpe disappeared after a few hours on the table, haha!

Granted, it's not as sweet as, say, a chocolate cake from Red Ribbon (thank God), but my meter isn't very high so my tolerance for sweets is low. Not complaining though!

One thing that caught my attention was its thickness. French crêpes are thin so as not to make the dessert feel heavy to keep up with that light and airy feel, so in this case, a thin crêpe would've helped lift the overall experience and taste. I enjoyed the mango cream flavor nonetheless, but again, extra points if the crêpe was thinner.

The Cakes-in-a-Jar

A good cake for me has a balance of flavor, moistness, and density. When you take a bite out of it, it should be flavorful and have a nice sponge to hold it all together. 

I ordered all three of the cakes they offered and I have a comment for each of them:

Mangoes & Cream : Much like the crêpe, I loved this flavor of the cake. Who doesn't like Mangoes, right? It was the first jar we opened after dinner that day, and it was a nice dessert to have after Chicken Adobo. One note though - the sponge was quite dry and there was (in my opinion) too much cream in comparison to the mangoes. A 4/5 overall!

Crema de Fruta : We opened this jar the day after, and it was also delicious. Same comments on the sponge and the cream to fruit ratio, and because this was a mix of fruits, having the right amount of cream would've made this even better. A 3.8/5 for me!

Strawberry & Cream : This was the last jar we opened, and it was the one I dreaded most of all. Not because it was going to be bad, but because I never like strawberries used this way (I eat jam, I love strawberry shortcakes and eating strawberries in their pure form). I still gave it a go though, and it wasn't for me. 
Personally, I didn't think the blend was right, and again, a proper ratio of fruit to cream would've worked wonders on this cake. There was too much cream for me (and the people at home) and I felt it was missing that strawberry flavor I loved. The spongecake's texture didn't help bring the flavors out either. It has to be a 2.5/5 overall.

Final Thoughts

It was a nice batch of desserts for sure. The highlights for me were the Mango Cream Crêpe and the Mango Cream Cake. The Crema de Fruta was also good, but was a touch too heavy with the cream. I'd definitely order any of these three again, and I hope the makers take note of my comments on the thickness of the crêpes and the fruit to cream ratio of the cakes. For the price of P125 each, this is a sweet deal!
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