Okay, so this post won’t be as long as my previous one (see post #48), nor would it be as informative. This is the portion where we arrive at our original meeting place, get bored, and wait for our transport to come (meaning Tito Ed driving the church van).

We took pictures, of course!


From left to right: Maika, Jette, Ranzel, Mitchie, and Me.

CIMG3175 CIMG3179

CIMG3180 CIMG3172

Group Photos! :DD Super fun! Super cold too… brrr.

CIMG3169 CIMG3170

Last night was magical. If I could do it all over again, I would, and I’d continue until I got so tired. I’ll always cherish this day in time where I got to hang out with my favorite people and go in a place I dream to sail away on. When I was a kid, riding on huge boats frightened me, since I had nightmares where we all drowned or died in the sea. But as I grew up, I learned how to swim and to trust in God. Now, it’s one of my wishes to sail away and just enjoy God’s creation. I hope God’s plans are the same.


Bye! Thanks for allowing me to share my lovely experience on board the Logos Hope! Hope you guy get to go on it someday and enjoy as much as I did! :D