I normally don’t have to put up with my brother’s moodiness, but today is just not as manageable as before. I really had to talk to him for 30 minutes and condition him to do his multiplication tables! And that’s by far the longest “negotiation” I had to put up with regarding my little bro.

Yesterday, JP and I decided to make a schedule for the weekdays, so as not to lay idle and do nothing all day after school. Every day is unique, of course, each starting with Lunch and ending with Sleep. Today’s Tuesday, so I’m pretty loose on him. He actually got to have around two and a half hours of free time (eating and watching TV included) before we started getting serious about studying his lessons. Thank God he didn’t have homework today. Although having homework is very nice. :)

They had an excursion today, but instead of going to the Al Sahwa park, they went to the mall instead. Yeah, the parks were closed in the morning, darnitall, so they had no where else to go but to the Muscat City Centre. JP enjoyed this twist though, and I was told (by him) that they played in the arcades and stuff. Bumper cars were the best.

My head is in a muddle, as usual, so forgive my wrong use of words and faulty grammar. I’m just not myself these days. I have so much on my mind that I don’t know which one I should be focusing on. Everything is going to affect my future, so each decision I make is critical. Gah! So much to think about and only one brain.

All right, I’m not about to turn this post into something depressing all over again. I’ve been doing that for a while now, huh? Not this post. :D