My stomach hurts a lot right now. It’s not the worst hurt I’ve felt but it’s by far one of the most annoying. Yeah, imagine having a tummy ache just when you’re about to sleep! And I was enjoying myself in bed, listening to my MP3 player and singing along silently! (Just so you know, it’s become sort of a routine of mine to listen to music before I go off to sleep.)

And it’s raining! Rain in Oman is SCARCE, so having this weather is actually something exciting for me. The downside though is that Oman doesn’t have drainage systems or sewers to suck all the water in – leaving a result that has endangered the lives of lots of people. Mom told me this afternoon that she knew of sisters who went out shopping on a rainy day and never came back. It was confirmed they died from the downpour, leaving a baby and a husband to grieve. Such a tragic story really. Since the great flood and storm that killed hundreds of people here, the folks of Oman have grown afraid of the rain. Yup, when the sky is dark, people rarely go out in fear of getting caught in a flood. (Let me share a secret: We didn’t go to church today due to a number of reasons, one of them being the expected rainfall.)

As I said, people here are scared to go out or work on rainy days, so I’m hoping the rain continues for a few more days. Hey, don’t think I want people to die and such. I want it to rain so that we could have more days together as a family. If it continues to rain, mom and dad wouldn’t have to work and everyone can stay in, much to the relief of the other employees in SQU no doubt. (OMG, the rain’s getting weaker. Should I be happy or sad? SAD.)

Sad because I LOVE the rain. Mom and dad say it makes them feel homesick or lonely (even bored), but i totally disagree. I’m happier when it rains more than when it doesn’t simply because it cools everything down. Not just the earth or someone’s hot temper, but it cools down life. I feel like myself when it rains, feel like I don’t have a single problem in life. The rain is my symbol for comfort, most of the time. :)

About the tuna – it was really delicious and all (mom cooked it with red and orange capsicum with potatoes and egg and fried them like burger patties), and I even ate three of those. But tonight, I couldn’t think of anything else to blame for this tummy ache than that tuna torta. I had spaghetti too, but I doubt it’s what caused this. Sorry tuna, but you’re the one I decided to pick on. It couldn’t have been the mushrooms anyway.

Oh well, gotta scram and get back in bed – I’m missing a lot of much needed hours of sleep! the rain’s subsiding. Oh well, wth. Bye. :)