Hurrah! It's finally my 100th post! After being depressed at what happened last November 2010 (when my other blog disappeared, vanishing with 96 posts filled with memories), I finally succeeded in making new memories for this year. Although I miss my previous blog a LOT, I've been able to breathe through I.Am.Veeyah for the past 6 months. 

And isn't it funny how my 100th post is about Sinful Asian Cities? I can't figure out a connection though I feel this is supposed to be a great moment in my blog's history. LOL. Okay, on with the post.

I was browsing through Tumblr (I just love the things I find out there) and there was this post at the right side of my Dash about Asia's Sinful Cities. Of course, being an Asian and wanting to know if my country was included in the list, I surfed over to CNNGo, where the article was originally posted. Here's the shocking stuff I found out (which I'm still having trouble processing):

1. Gluttony: Taipei, Taiwan

Two men, four chopsticks, myriad good reasons to eat out again.

"Cheap eats, everywhere, day or night. 
Taipei sports 18 streets dedicated to nothing other than food. Where you might usually expect a bus shelter, instead you'll find a barbecue. Sidewalks become snack stalls. The pungent smell of stinky tofu fills the air. 
Night markets in Taipei have become famous for their snack selections, or xiaochi, literally meaning "small eats." 
The dishes may be little, but so are the prices, running around US$1-2 dollars. A fat gut never came so easily." 
Woah. Taipei must be the dream town of all those food lovers out there. I really thought gluttony would be more applicable in the US, or those places with a lot of, well, a bit overweight people. This was generally a shock for me.

2. Sloth: Seoul, South Korea

The digital "activity" of Seoul's gamer havens.

When South Koreans are not racking up overtime, they're collecting bandwidth fees. 
Seoul’s Internet has been honed, sculpted, streamlined and sped up to such a degree that no one really needs to move, at all, ever, except maybe when the orc hordes descend in "World of Warcraft" and some rapid double-clicking is required.
South Korea has been ranked the 15th laziest country in the world (and the first in Asia) by The Daily Beast. And there's every reason to assume they'll get even lazier. 
A recently proposed government policy seeks to advance digital technology in the capital, partly influenced by demand for online gaming and streaming video, and will take Internet speeds to 1,000 Mbps by 2012. 
So if some of the 39 million connected South Koreans wanted to emulate their favourite national soccer heroes, they may as well just do it via "FIFA Manager."
Hahaha. And here I thought Omanis were lazy.

3. Pride: Manila, Philippines

Filipino guys
The only men in the world who call out their own name in bed.

Much is made about the loveliness of the Filipino female. But you wouldn't know it by talking to the Filipino men -- they're too busy gazing lustfully into the mirror.
According to a study from Synovate, Filipino men are the most narcissistic in Asia. A whopping 48 percent consider themselves sexually attractive.
And if the ladies reading this think the guys' encounters with the brow tweazers are for your benefit, sorry -- nine out of 10 Filipino men polled said they liked to look good for themselves, not anyone else.  
By way of comparison, just 25 percent of men in Singapore considered themselves sexually attractive, 17 percent in China and Taiwan and a measly 12 percent of Hong Kong guys think the same. 

You can read the rest of the article at CNNGo, by clicking here