Hiya! I remember telling you I had downloaded some blog challenges online, and I decided to answer this for 7 straight days. It'll just be one post, and here goes:


day 1 - pride. seven great things about yourself.

#1: My voice. I can sing pretty well, and I can reach most high notes that “average” folks can’t belt out comfortably.
#2: I can draw more than stick people. Think: 3D, Manga, Anime, Landscapes.
#3: I’m a great writer, may it be Fiction, Features, Editorials, Columns – you name it.
#4: I’m a fast learner, especially when I like what I’m being taught.
#5: I surprise myself be achieving more than what I first aimed for.
#6: I can design clothes that are wearable outside the runway, unlike most outfits I see on fashion shows these days.
#7: I give great advice to those who ask for it, and they are more than thankful afterwards.

day 2 - envy. seven things you lack and covet.

#1: Popularity. I know, it’s your typical wannabe here, but hey, doesn’t everyone want to get famous? There are a lot of benefits for being a celebrity, once you get used to the paparazzi.

#2: A better body. God wants us to be content with what we have right? Well, sometimes, I have problems accepting the fact that I have extra baggage. And with the fashion trends today (shorts, minis) it doesn’t make it easier.

#3: Naturally straight hair. I have natural waves/curls, so I can’t have my hair short, since I’d look like Goldilocks. I envy those girls who have straight hair so much! It has such a clean look about it.

#4: Money. My parents earn more than enough for our needs, but when I see those people who spend money on anything they want, the green-eyed monster strikes. Sometimes I ask myself why I didn’t get to have that kind of luxury. But it’s no big deal. When it comes to money for studying, I wish we had more than “more than enough”. My dream University is out there waiting for me!

#5: Confidence around guys. Why is it that making women friends is so easy while making friends with guys is torture? Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t like rejection. So I guess that’s why I rarely make the first move to befriend a guy. I wish I had more courage though.

#6: Charm. Yes, I want to be the girl who just flips her hair and attracts the attention of every hot guy around. I want to look a guy in the eye and see him grow uncomfortable under my gaze.

#7: Independence. I consider myself dependent, because I feel like I can’t be somebody without my friends, or my parents, or a boyfriend. There’s no sense of independence in me yet, but I hope to find it. Especially now that I’m going to college.

day 3 - wrath. seven things that piss you off.

#1: Crowded, smelly places. Think: Jeepneys, MRT’s, and the market place. I hate being squished and being deprived of clean oxygen.
#2: Ignorance. That’s putting it bluntly. I am not fond of people who ask questions when the answer is right under their noses! I just want to tear my hair out, whenever this happens.
#3: Backstabbers. Those sweet-faced cupcakes who talk to you like you’re their best friend and then talk trash when you’re out of hearing range.
#4: Kids who think they know everything. In short, Know-it-all’s. What’s terrible about these brats is that they don’t take your advice, much less listen to you.
#5: Malls with too much sales people. I hate it when they follow me around when I just want to be left alone and shop. I know they just want to help, but can’t they wait until they’re called for?
#6: People who stay in the fitting room for too long. I was in this situation when we went to SM to buy  jeans. There were three women who were inside, chatting loudly as they tried on the clothes. When the door finally opened, I thought they were done but much to my disappointment, they had just sent a friend to bring them more clothes. Selfish brutes.
#7: When my laptop unexpectedly shuts down and I don’t get to save my work (which I happened to work for 5 hours on). Only a rocky road ice cream keeps me from a major melt down.

day 4 - sloth. seven things you neglect to do.

#1: Keep my promises. It’s a trait I most detest, but sadly, my now degrading memory (thanks to stress) isn’t as great a secretary as it previously was.
#2: Stick to my goals. I start things and get very excited, but after a short while, I become tired of it and pour my energy somewhere else, thus the pile of unfinished projects.
#3: Drink 8 glasses of water everyday. It’s a health must, but my normal day consists of less than 5 glasses.
#4: Be honest about my relationships. I tend to lie to friends and sometimes even my parents about the relationships I have, something which will surely get me into trouble in the future.
#5: Be serious about being an artist. Singing isn’t a problem, but I get lazy when it comes to drawing, especially if I have to do sceneries and landscapes. I draw good anime people though.
#6: Learn how to cook. And I don’t mean boil an egg or cook rice – those are the easy stuff. I want to cook Chicken Curry, or maybe Chicken Alfredo, make a 3-layered cake – those complicated stuff. My specialty is canned corned beef, with lots of onions.
#7: Tell my parents that I love them. I find it hard to express my feelings out loud, and the only way I can do that is by writing. But I can’t write every night when I want to tell them I love them right? When I do say it, it feels sort of awkward.

day 5 - greed. seven worldly material desires.

#1: A palace as big and as beautiful as Mariah Carey’s Fleur De Liz. I want it with a pool, with white and pink and light blue interiors, with matching apple green cushions and stuff. You know how Mariah rolls, so I don’t have to enumerate details of my dream house.

#2: A pink Apple Laptop with my name engraved on the lid cover (the apple logo should be designed to complement my name). It should have a 1TB HD storage capacity, and running on i-Core 5 and above. Specs should be better than Sony’s, and sounds must have oomph.

#3: A closet full of shoes, all arranged by type, colour, and casualness. All the heels go together, all the boots, and all the flats/doll shoes. Sports footwear should have a separate cabinet, arranged by Brand. The dominating colours should be black, pink, and white.

#4: Tons of cute dresses from all over the world. Also arranged by season. There should be a lot of pastels and marshmallow colours. Ruffles should be moderate, but minis and denim shorts are a must.

#5: A complete collection of all the animation, drawing, and illustration software, books and other materials available. I should have every resource available for my art.

#6: My own recording studio, with people to operate them when I please and a band who can help me compose songs and make music. I only want THE BEST in the recording, audio mixing, and marketing industries.

#7: An endless supply of money I could use to buy my brother whatever he wants, to build my mom’s dream house, to travel the world with my dad and share in his goal to spread God’s word, and to help people in great need. I want to use this money to erase the word “poverty” from life’s dictionary and provide jobs/teach skills to those who lack livelihood.

day 6 - gluttony. seven guilty pleasures.

#1: I still enjoy pretending I am a princess with a handsome prince ready to save me. I love the fact that fairytales always have happy endings, and that love always victors in the end. That is one thing I expect out of life – happy endings.

#2: I love watching Pixar and Disney films, especially the old ones like Sleeping Beauty and The Little Mermaid. One of my newest loves is Wall-E.

#3: Stressed? I cure it with an hour of singing karaoke and belting out songs that really speak to me and my life.

#4: I write stories about love and adventure, and even though the heroines are different from who I am in real life, they are truly who I wish to be. I once wrote a story about a girl who was so beautiful that things would go her way and cute men lined up at her door. But she isn’t prideful, and is very innocent about life and its evils. Then, after a long struggle with a villain and other situations that make the story interesting, she gets her happy ending, and ends up with a guy who sees her for more than her looks.

#5: I LOVE looking good and taking pictures of myself. Vanity is your word.

#6: Sometimes, when I’ve watched a movie a lot of times, I tend to get this small girl crush on the hero, but only temporarily. I get so obsessed about him that I can’t stop thinking that I was the one in the movie with him. But as quickly as it comes, this short infatuation goes. Something which I’m very grateful for.

#7: I read a lot of books. A LOT. Most of them are books most people don’t even understand. LOL joke. Seriously, I read books that are as thick as three Harry Potter books put together.

day 7 - lust. seven love secrets.

#1: I had a crush on one of my classmates back in elementary in Australia. He was funny and had brown hair that looked like Edward’s and was very athletic. I don’t think he knew I had a crush on him, but if he did, he must’ve been teasing me, because whenever my girls and I hung out or played games, he’d come to us and join in on the fun. I still remember how my best friend would look at me when my crush lay beside me on the ground for the Chinese Garters game.

#2: I really love it when a guy knows what he wants. You know, those guys who come up to you and say, “I want you to be mine.” Or other cute, cheesy stuff like that.

#3: I wrote a book about the same guy I was referring to in the first secret. (Read no. 1) I’ve never posted it online though but a few of my friends have read part of it.

#4: A guy once treated me with so much respect and adoration that I almost fell in love with him. ALMOST. I found out later on that he did this to a lot of other people who were his friends. Darnit.

#5: There was a time in High School where I had a boyfriend but my parents didn’t know about it (lucky you, being the first I admitted it to). He called me in school but never at home in case my dad or mom picked it up. It was only for about 6 months, but now I realize that it was just our way of escaping certain things that made us feel unimportant. We have no contact with each other now.

#6: When I love someone, I give my all into the relationship, risking everything I have to offer. People who are like me are usually the first ones to get heart-broken.

#7: I don’t believe in love at first sight. It may be admiration or lust, because you only get feelings for a person because of his/her looks. I believe in a deeper sort of love. One where you might be the ugliest girl in the room, yet he tells you you’re the only girl he sees and still loves.

Image © The Arcade