Notice my long absence?
It's because of a big 7-letter word: C O L L E G E.

I had really grand plans for this post, but sadly, my habit of procrastinating has covered me once again. Arrgh. I hate it when this happens! I make a new post with high goals and finish with a poor excuse for an entry. *sigh. Soooo busy these days I don't think I an update as often as I used to!

Don't worry though. One of these days I'm going to REALLY write a fruitful, substantial blog entry that will hopefully tell my first two weeks in Ateneo.


P.S. I know I've been very undecided about making/keeping a different blog for my college life, but seriously, I've made up my mind this time. I will be separating my personal life events from the happenings of school. :) Arggh. Though I must say as I am typing this my mind is still trying to veer from this course. :( Maybe it's because I really, really love my blog. :) Let's see how THIS one turns out. I have a feeling though that this is bound to be another failure. *sigh

The Dilemma: I love how the other blog looks like! Help me decide please?
Here's the other blog: link

I am TORN. Soooo darn much.