It's been almost 3 weeks since the first day of classes, and already, I am experiencing stress from two different subjects: English & Philippine History. Let me explain.

I don't want to brag, but I really excel in English. If you would give me an exam on the subject, I can guarantee a 99% pass. It has been my favorite subject since elementary, and it still is. The only problem - reason - that I am facing now is the fact that our teacher gives us homework that require the use of all parts of our brain. She may give us only two items to do at home, but each item is a burden. Forgive me if I can't visually explain my point, since I fear some students from school may read my blog and tell our teacher.
One recent example of this is our task to do an outline (formal), answer and read the handout she has given, and then make a summary of those outlines. If you think of this as a single subject, it isn't much of a pressure - until you go to your other classes and realize how loaded you'll be after school, due to the amount of new assignments given by other teachers. Get my point?

Another subject I am most unhappy (and tense) about is Philippine History. The first few sessions were alright, but last Tuesday, I really got pissed of by our prof. He gave me a zero for that day's recitation! All I did was repeat his question to a classmate beside me and he gave me a zero! I wasn't even attempting to give the answer to him! Sheesh! What the hell right? Can you believe how paranoid he is? He thought I was telling my classmate the answer! The worse part was that he didn't even want to hear my explanation. He just ultimately pissed me off that day. (Pardon my language.) I think I'm beginning to very much dislike his subject. The only thing that motivates me to go on in Phil. History is my grades. I need to show him that he made a mistake by giving me a zero.
He messed with the wrong girl. XC

All my other subjects are a breeze. No stress, no pain. Well, except for our NSTP-CFFP sessions. Really! Who invented this subject and why did they have to integrate it into college courses? (I just realized how emotional I'm becoming right now.)

Other news: 

I joined the Ateneo Literary Association (ALA) which deals with reading, blogging, writing, arts, drawing, etc. I knew I would be able to enjoy this org so I joined. We'll be having our first General Assembly tomorrow after school. Can't wait! :)

I also joined the Supreme Student Government (SSG). Yey! I attended the talk for Leadership Training last Friday and so far, I am getting good vibes from the officers and other new student volunteers. :)

Lastly, I signed up for the ADNU school publication, The Pillars. My other classmates are aiming for the cartoonists' position while I have decided to stick to my first love under journalism: Feature Writing. Oh yeah! They'll be having the tryout this June 24, 25 so I'll have to prepare for this. :)

Ayt! Be off to do some homework now! 
Until next time!