Hey! It's the first day of November, and though most of the attention are going to Halloween parties and the All Souls Day fiesta here at our place in Bicol, I've given my focus to music/jamming at the balcony.

Some of you might get offended with this post, and I'll understand if you choose to unfollow. :)
Personally, I no longer celebrate Halloween. Why? Well, I've learned that, even though it's seen as a harmless, childish event of the year, it's origins are said to date back to paganism or cultism. Being a Christian, I think it's not right to celebrate such a dark event.

I know, I know. I feel a sadness in my heart when I see kids get disappointed because they can't go trick-or-treating (ToT, which rarely, if never, happens in the Philippines). But you see, if they don't understand the background or reason for what they're celebrating, they'll be contented to settle down in the future with just following the trends. They won't develop curious minds, and even if its dangerous for them, they won't bother asking questions because they've never really cared. All they wanted was to have fun.

I've celebrated Halloween for about 16 years, and even after being born again in Christ, I continued greeting everybody "Happy Halloween". It was only about three years ago that I realized (through asking people I look up to) that Halloween shouldn't be celebrated by Christians. Google the origins of this occasion and read, read, read. Still, I'm not a big activist or something like that that hate people who celebrate it. As I said earlier, it's my personal opinion. Feel free to correct me or share your insights, but for now, I am convinced I should avoid participating in Halloween stuff.

About Christmas... I'll post about it on December. :) But hey, I acknowledge Christmas, but we all know that giving gifts and "Santa Claus" aren't the real reason for Christmas. But that'll be a different post. ;)

Happy Hallo - oh...

Have a great day!