In case you haven't seen my schedule yet (post #146), I have classes on a Friday, and would you believe that my school decided to declare tomorrow, Nov. 4, FRIDAY as the start of our classes for the second sem? It's not a biggie, but with the holiday on Monday, wouldn't it be logical to move the first day of classes to Nov. 8 altogether? I mean, how hard would it be to save the last few days of vacation???

Sorry for ranting, and I beg your pardon. Haha. I'm not usually like this, but man! Am I annoyed at the schedule! :( Can't they have a little more sense most of the time? LOL.

So anyway, this is one of the quickest posts I've ever made, again my apologies. Here's a little image to leave you guys with.

Cute, cute, cute pup and kitty! Hahah! Friendship breaks all borders. :)