School Diaries : Doodles during Color Theory

Yes, I was listening to our teacher even though I was doodling away at the back of my notebook! XD. Here's my math teacher and my made-up corpse bride to accompany him. I also tweaked the colors in Photoshop CS5. :D

Hahaha. The washed-out girl on the top right is still very visible. Hmm.


  1. aaah, the guy looks so sweet! x//3' if my math teacher would have looked half as sweet i bet i would have had better grades xD' fabulous sketches these!

  2. Yeah, he is really a cool maths teacher - although the checked shirt and pens in the pocket are a dead giveaway as to his profession! The corpse bride looks like a good match. I love the bright colours & the 'missing' girl at the top. By the way I enjoyed your other posts and I always buy my own chocolate!