Yes, yes, yes. Crappy title. Haha.

Anyway, here's my post for English class, wherein our teacher gave a logo design challenge.

Brief explanation:

Let's start with my palette. To some, pink and orange may not be the best combination (not if you've experienced the glory of seeing pink and lime green on the same image), but for me, I think it's a simultaneous form of contrast (thanks to our Color Theory). The orange doesn't seem too out of place and pink isn't that overwhelming. They're both helping each other pop out.

After the palette, one recognizes a deformed treble clef symbol. For some of you who don't know, I play the piano (and erm, a little guitar) and have been going at it since grade school (though I had to stop for a time due to travelling into and out of the country).
Music has always been therapeutic for me, and most of the time, I listen to classical and soft instrumental music, mainly piano solos. So, this symbol holds meaning for me in a number of ways.

You guys might wonder why I drew it deformed. Well, you could equate that with my skills. I might rely on a lot of guides and books on "how-to's" and "what-to-avoid-when-drawing", but most of the time, I try to twist these tips into my own style. Hence the deformed treble clef.

If you guys zoom out a little, you'll find that the clef forms the letter "b", which in this case means butterfly, beautiful, bananas, book, and bed. These words are what you might find associated with my name, if it ever appeared, in a dictionary. Butterfly and beautiful would be taken as an adjective (both in regards to my work), bananas would also be an adjective, synonymous to bonkers or crazy, and book and bed would be nouns, indicating two of my favorite places. YES, "book" is a place.

Finally, the only detail that remains is the ellipsis. Obviously, this indicates something more to come, to be said, and to be created. It is neither a pause nor a period - it has continuity. I believe my skills are just like the ellipsis.