So, September, we meet again.

I haven't been a very good girl lately.
I mean, I haven't posted much on my blog.

How do I start filling you guys in with most of what's happened?

Issue #1 : Graphics Tablet blues.
The Dilemma : My tablet began acting strange during the middle of August, right at the time when I needed it to function properly. I wanted to buy a Wacom Bamboo or an Intuos 5, but as I'm saving up for an 8-powered PC for next year, I've decided to think things through and wait for the sponsors. ;)
Solution : I bought a Genius Graphics Tablet at SM today. I want to try working with a smaller tablet, before I buy anything of the same size. I tested it out this evening and it's been alright, for the brand.

Issue #2 : Pre-Final exam stress.
The Dilemma : I can't say I didn't know when the third set of exams were coming up, but the stress that has surfaced is too much. Every subject has demands that are somehow at opposite poles! I can't complain, but I'm not too joyful either. The thing is, I have too little time left to study, especially with two major Math exams and other drawing requirements.

Issue #3 : Matters of the hypothalamus.
The Dilemma : I learned this bit of truth in Psychology class, that feelings or emotions are from the hypothalamus, not the heart. So if ever, one should say, "I love you with all my hypothalamus" rather than, "I love you with all my heart". And if you're smart enough, you'd know that this issue is one sprinkled with love. All I can say is that I'm too confused at the moment to even pinpoint the dilemma. Which is a dilemma in itself.
Solution : Any experts at this thing? I'll be hoping.

Issue #4 : Leaving so soon?
The Dilemma : My dad arrived during the first week of August from Oman, to start his annual vacation. Even if it has been almost a month, I feel like he just arrived. I love my dad, and him leaving during examination week is going to be such a pain. I want him to stay with us and make every day as happy as the last three or four weeks of his presence, but I know our finances won't make it through, especially with my course and my brother's studies. Now, I find myself dreading the 6th of September - the day dad leaves us again. :(
Solution : I can't make him stay, so I really have no choice but to hand it over to God. I can cry and fret, but the final call is God's. I guess I'll just have to wait for another six months 'till he comes back.

So there you have it.

As of this evening, I have nothing else to say.
Except maybe...