Haven't updated much again, darnit. Hahaha. I don't know why I keep on procrastinating! I log on to Blogger, look at the updated blogs I follow, then totally forget to update my blog! Sheesh. -_-  And there I thought the new year would be a more active one! XD


This week is examination (Midterm) week, and like most of us Animation students, I'm finding it hard to "feel" the moment. We've got a gazillion projects and exercises to pass by this week, and our course is strict on deadlines, as is the industry. Thank God I have someone  (a blessing!) who bought me a high-end desktop PC for my Maya models! T___T Such a tear-jerk-er!

About my goals, I've signed myself up for a reading challenge, which you can keep track of from the sidebar of this blog. Usually, 50 is very little, but given my hectic school schedule, I had to keep it to 50 (and I haven't even started yet). So, to make myself more accountable to you guys, I'll be sharing with you the first book I'm going to read:

(image from Google)

I've never heard of her until the day I saw this at Booksale and became attracted to the cover and the presentation of the book, but seeing as there are quite a lot of reviews from other users, I think this would be awesome. I'm also planning on making reviews about books I've read, which is another goal. I've got a lot of unread books on my shelf (yeah, I keep buying books but never have the time to read them) and I want to finish even a quarter of them by December of this year. :)

Another target I've been thinking about is to get better at 2D illustrations. My sketches look great (at least, in my opinion haha) but when I finish them up, they look very, very childish! I don't know if it's a style, or if I really need practice! T___T Here's a sample:

See what I'm talking about? The sketch looked great, but when I color it in... it looks like this. I'm never satisfied with the way I do things! Anyone out there who could give me a hand?

Other goals:

1. Get started on a one-shot experimental Manga collaboration with a friend from school. (We're having a hard time deciding on a story though, as we both have a bunch of ideas we want on paper.)

2. Create a visual novel using Ren'py. (Yes, as if Autodesk Maya and Photoshop aren't enough things to do, I've included Ren'py. I have a brief story line, but I'm still looking for the perfect time to start things. I've finished going through the tutorial for the coding, all that's left is the time.)

3. Create a Flash Comic/Animation. (Another "heavy" goal, but I think with enough time, it's possible. I might be able to do this during summer, even if I have summer classes. -_-)

4. Learn at least 3 more songs on the keyboard and guitar. (I've gotten a bit rusty due to no practice, so I want to oil my joints this year and get back on track. I'm falling in love with guitars and have learned 3 songs this month already, by the way. I've always been loyal to pianos though.)

I've got a few more goals, but I worry I won't be able to live up to them. The four goals above have a greater chance of being done though. :)