Found these pictures I took in our recent Ateneo Digital Arts and Animation Festival (ADAAF) with friends and some of the most awesome animators in the country. Late post, but a post, nonetheless. :)

My fellow to-be animators:

The speakers:

My thoughts after seeing the pictures:  Crap, I look hideous. 

Hahaha! The speakers/animators are a glimpse of the future "us", and I now know why there are stereotypes for animators. As grown-up as they were, they still moved like us, almost child-like, always happy - even the choice of clothes and gadgets are the same! 

The convention was full of visitors from other schools, and you can easily distinguish those who were taking up Animation and those who were there because they simply liked animation. Every time the speaker showed reels of their previous work and videos of their upcoming projects, the common-folk would stare blankly at the screen or some would exclaim how wonderful everything was. Us, on the other hand, saw shapes, had visions of how to model them in Maya, the dynamics used, the type of material used whether it was a Blinn or a Lambert (Maya jargon, FYI) and so on. While the rest of the hall was smiling, we were crying. We were thinking: "Gaaah! Too much modeling! Too hard to do!"

Everything was fun though. Hahaha. (I didn't get the chance to try out the 27" Wacom Cintiq the Wacom Singapore representative brought with him! There were too many people trying to get an experience. Besides, my friends and I were starving. LOL.

A lot more awesome things happened that day, but they're for my memory alone. :P

Can't wait for the next one!