Hooray! I finally finished a project for school today - and passed with high marks! I got an awesome 97! I guess my sleepless nights were TOTALLY worth it! Even though my eyes are stinging while I'm typing these words, I don't really care. This is an achievement! I never knew I could do this properly. Hahaha.

I took some screen shots of my model, namely an unnamed princess [from Russia]. I have no idea how accurate my model is though. :) So, I'm sharing my achievement with all of you guys!

The reason for her rigid pose is that we were instructed to model a character in a "T-pose". :) I made another scene with her posing a little, but that'll be submitted on Thursday. I'm really proud of the hair though. Ehehe. What do you think of my first-ever fully-textured Maya model? =^-^=