Darn. Just when I was starting to settle into a real vacation mode, school had to resume! Ugh.

The first day was a whirlwind. It was like waking up from a short, unstable slumber and immediately being tossed onto a small boat which could fall apart any moment. Seriously. We had a meeting right after too, and - wow - there's a LOT of stuff to do before the week ends. *Sob.

So here's what went down today. Firstly, I met the new, part-time teacher for our 2D animation class. To sum the whole initial reaction thing up:

  • He seemed friendly enough for us to feel at ease around him (maybe too much)
  • He asked us what we wanted him to teach (which probably isn't a bad thing 'cause we know what we want, right?)
  • He's taking his Master's Degree while teaching (maybe 'cause "idle hands do the devil's work" - Red 2)
  • He's taught before (so he prolly has enough experience)

  • He kept comparing our school's system to theirs
  • He was (a little) all over the place during his first talk with us
  • He didn't seem to understand why he was there and what he was hired to teach us
  • He clearly wasn't briefed properly by the DACA staff prior to our class
  • Just overall lack of energy

Okay, so he isn't the perfect teacher, but I still can't decide. I mean, it has only been one meeting. But still. Even though I understand how tired he must be from traveling (he said he just arrived from Baguio), he could've at least shown more mastery and more grip on the subject. As I implied, my initial reaction could change in the coming days.

Secondly, we had a meeting for this year's Ateneo Digital Arts and Animation Festival (ADAAF). I found myself regretting (yet again) being an officer, or the Event Committee Head to be more specific. SO. MUCH. WORK. TO. DO. I have a budget proposal deadline in Wednesday and I have completely no idea on how to go through it. Whoever thought it was a good idea to place me and "budgeting" in the same room?! (*Sob)
To make things more complicated, it's my good friend's birthday tomorrow and I don't know what to do. Sure, she hasn't asked me to organize her party, but it's a birthday nonetheless. You have to get gifts, you know? And I have nada ideas. Any suggestions?

Sigh. It never ends, does it? I can't even imagine how tired teachers are everyday. They have to talk and lecture and do paper work all the time. How exhausting. Well, students have it worse, I think.

One of the really awesome things about the past few days is that I had the chance to explore Garageband on my Mac a little more. I opened it last September but had no clue about what to do so I quit. I realize now how awful that choice was. As of today, I've created 5 sounds/music and have 2 WIP's. OMG. I am so amazed by this app. Apple did this one right.

It's not much, but it's a promising start.

I have a ton of projects in the works and I am excited to be creating my demo reel/showreel in a few weeks. I don't have any "cool", Pixar-worthy characters yet but all's going well. I just need great time management and things'll pass in a breeze. And then there's the Defense, but let's skip that cringe-worthy thought for now.