Remember the post where I talked (subtly) about the second planner I ordered from FiledPH? Well, it arrived this afternoon! I'm so excited to be sharing another (yet again) planner I ordered from them, and with good reason too. I adore their planner style! To see my post about the 2014 planner, click: 2014.

Generally soooo excited to be using this!

It looks so adorable, doesn't it?! Really. I used my previous planner quite extensively, and no doubt, this will be just as used. Their freebies this time were really cute. One of them was this pen pouch which you can attach to the planner itself. Pretty handy, huh? (Of course, I got mine in PINK. Like, duh.)

One of the best parts about this was the fact that ordering online (between specified dates only) allowed for personalization of the planner. The doodler is Lei Melendres (Deviantart, Tumblr, Facebook, Behance), and I just have so much respect for this guy. He gave a talk about his art in school at last semester's Alternative Class Program (ACP) and though I couldn't get any of his giveaways, I made up for it with the planner. :3 Yay! My (nick)name's officially on my planner now!

This little guy! Just sooooo, soooo cute! He came with the planner and is a little, customizable magnetic bookmark. There were also stickers included, but I didn't take a picture of them (darn).

My 2015 has just become more exciting and wonderful. Grab yours now, guys! Head over to filedPH and get your planner. Let's make it an awesome 2015!