One event I failed to blog about before we graduated was the time we had passed the initial panel stage and were then facing around two weeks of revisions. That meant we had to re-shoot and re-render certain parts of our reel before we submitted them to the industry panel.

I planned to start my Live-to-CG from scratch, so I needed a green screen. Thankfully, we had a Chroma room at school and the only dilemma I had left was coming up with a good enough concept to wow the industry panel. As I continued searching for ideas, a friend of mine (the same person I usually hang out and have food trips with) decided she would shoot hers at The Coffee Bean at Magsaysay Avenue, so off we went like a bunch of pros - carrying a very heavy tripod, backpacks, and a DSLR. I admit, I felt like we looked a little more 'legit' than usual.

Of course, we had to order drinks (I think we also had cake) to shoot, so I ordered cappuccino (which Bem used to shoot her scene) and she got something with honey and green gulaman. We started in the afternoon and went home a few hours after sunset.

The piece of paper stuck to my cup was the track point she used for her shot. We initially had planned to draw on a moustache in Photoshop on the mug, but I figured it wasn't a new idea. In the end, I left the paper on there.

It was definitely moments like this that made our months of labor worthwhile. As the rest of our batch mates were slaving away in front of the computers and rarely relaxing, we constantly went out for food trips and coffee whenever we had the budget and if we were up for it. Looking back, it was a good thing we decided to regularly eat out like this as it helped us focus later on and release the stress.

That's another trip down memory lane I'd enjoy taking everyday. :)