Hello there!

Okay, I'm really excited for a load of stuff this month, and most of them are still ideas brewing. There are a number of movies I'm waiting for as well, and there are reviews I've been putting off making until now. It's going to be a packed blogging week and hopefully, my writing skills can catch up with the stories.

Around five days ago, my brother and I went shopping for anything we saw we wanted (we had a limit, so we knew those items had to be good). That involved eating, snacking, trying on clothes, going through all the isles in the department store and talking. We saw heaps of glassware I wanted to buy because they were all too cute to handle, but I decided to hold back for the time being and move on to other important things, like clothes and school items.

There was a whole stall dedicated to BIC at the National Bookstore and sitting on top of them were Minion-decorated writing tools. I'm a sucker for these things (and anything cute to be honest) and I was going to get ten of each tool but my more practical side argued with me and I ended buying just one of each (plus a ruler and 2 erasers from Pilot and Faber).

Also, I've been getting into lettering recently and although I'm not the best (not even half of 'great'), I'm experimenting and {so far} liking the results. Watercolor has been a real pain in the bum since I'm not used to it 'cause I'm more of a colored pencil-ink-digital kind of artist. I'm not giving up on this though, and I have loads of inspiration on the net and from my friends who are really pretty good at it. That's a work in progress. I might not even finish it.

This is what I've really been excited for. Getting my very own mason jar.  I know it's a shallow goal (obviously) but I've seen pictures on Instagram and Pinterest and the drink that look so good in them and well... I had to get one. Well, I got two. One with a gold lid and one with a silver lid. The gold one has a hole on it for straws but I'm still looking for the perfect one.

I even got around to researching about making healthy drinks and what goes well with what but I still haven't been motivated enough to go shopping for the ingredients. The sad thing about all this is that I want to make something with raspberries, and there aren't any being sold in the supermarket (or anywhere else nearby). Even strawberries are sort of rare. Bummer. There aren't even any kiwis!!! Double bummer!

Now, this isn't something I bought but I figured I'd share it with you anyway. My mom and dad bought me this locket a few days before my graduation day as a gift. I've been looking for a locket (real silver that doesn't smell like metal or turns black after a while) for at least two years now and being gifted with this cute heart locket made my entire month. Thanks mom and dad.

Ever since, I haven't failed to wear it for anything. Wearing it, I experienced my first solo domestic flight to Manila (a travel post I have yet to write). I wore it to my first driving lesson, my first swim-outing at Calalahan, my first dinner at Italiannis, my first dinner at the Shakey's restaurant at NAIA, and my first personal meeting with someone I've been wanting to see since I found out how I was connected to that person.

It's just something I want to keep with me all the time and open it up to be reminded of the loving family I have. I printed the photos and placed them in there the same day I got it. Mom got a smaller heart locket just last week too.

I'm really thankful for everything that's happened the past month and now that it's May, there's potential for more experiences and adventures. My job hunt has been pretty slow, but I'm quite confident that when I do get contacted for an interview, it'll be the perfect job.

Until my next post!
(Hint: It's going to be soon!)