What an August.

So many things have happened that I can't (still) wrap my head around it all. New experiences, newly tapped abilities I didn't think I had, and a few other things.

1. Nueca

What a fun, fun environment! I anticipated my first job to be great, but not as relaxing and cool as the one I currently have. I love the environment, and though sometimes I tend to feel tired of how the office looks (I'd rather have the walls painted clear white and with wooden floors in the lounge area), it's still more than I could've hoped for in my first job. The people are great, and we all share a love for music, as different as they may be at times too.

It was just last Friday (the 28th) that we ordered a BFF bundle from McDonald's for snacks while we took a break from work, and the events that followed while and after we were eating were hilarious.

I love how free we can be to just sit back and take a break from time to time, eat a little, walk around, and in my case, do a little watercolor work.

Nueca has been amazing so far, and hopefully, they decide to keep me after the three-month probationary period (mine ends on October 6). Pray for me, please.

2. Hand-Lettering

I'm not stretching it when I say I'm starting to get the hang of this whole brush-lettering, hand-lettering thing. Just starting. I've been trying to learn since the start of summer, and my progress is quite okay. Personally, I think I've improved even a bit and I've become bolder in embellishing my lettering. I update on my Instagram more often than my blog, and I know I did something good whenever my follower count boosts to +10 a day. I was a little disappointed last night when I checked my Insta and saw I lost six people. I just posted a photo with a hamburger (the first photo, right)! I did say in my description that I was also a foodie, so I guess they just skipped and followed.

This September 6, a really good friend of mine will be holding a basic Calligraphy workshop in Naga City and I really wanted to go. Unfortunately, it's going to be held on a Sunday, which is basically family day for us. I promised her we'd meet earlier (or after) so it's no biggie. I also ordered a few things from her (well, she bought stuff in Manila) and I can't wait to try them out and blog about them. *Squeals*

3. My cousin and our puppies

My cousin from the UK spent her summer vacation with us here in the Philippines, and we (her, me, and my other cousin) bonded as much as we could. It was such an awesome experience with them. We talked and talked for forever, startled a few Starbucks and Red Platter servers/baristas with our British accents and basically just chilled the eff out. By the end of her vacation, we had names for one another, namely Ponycorn and High Horse. If you only knew half of our crazy talks, you'd be traumatized. She'll be coming back next year around March with the whole family, and who knows where that gathering will take us.

Another awesome event was the birth of our dog's puppies! There were five of them in total: Hercules (pictured), Spot, Shadow, Panda Bear, and Cosmo. The first time I saw them, they came over to me, tails wagging, and I introduced myself to them. I instantly had a favorite - Hercules. He was so gentle and so kind! He wasn't like the other dogs that were easily excited and bored. I wanted to bring them back to Naga so badly, but knew they wouldn't be taken cared of here properly.

Then, news broke a few days after that three of them had already been given away. I couldn't believe it. What made it more depressing was that Hercules was one of them. Ugh. No one consulted me what dogs should be given to who! I've never gotten so quickly attached to a dog before, and now that dog was gone. The only two that remained were Shadow and Panda Bear. Good thing I was able to take a picture of Herc before he was so rudely let go.


You will be missed Hercules.

That sums up my August (too many happenings, but I'd bore you if I discussed them one by one). It's almost September, the start of the "-ber" months once again, and I want to do something special before Christmas. Haven't thought about it yet, but the urge is present. Let's see.