It's officially the start of the "Pre-Christmas" months!

I have no doubt there will be a LOT of happenings this month, be it at work, at home, or just some event I might become a part of. There's already something happening on Friday this week, and if my confidence doesn't fail me, I might be able to take quick snaps. *Have butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it.*

But anyway, aside form the event on Friday, September 6 will also be extra special since a good friend of mine is hosting a Basic Calligraphy Workshop in Naga (I've mentioned this in my previous post, I think). Though I won't be an attendee, we might get to meet before or after the event. It's been way to long, right bae? Hahaha.

On that same day, I'll be celebrating the end of my 2nd month at Nueca. I have one more month after that to prove I can handle the tasks they need me to do. It's either I get absorbed into the company or I find another job someplace else (abroad, preferably, though I really want to get as much experience as I can on the ground for a little longer). As much as I know working abroad will provide more for my family financially, my skills aren't quite there yet, I feel. Needs more tweaking.

Then, by the third week of September, Bicol will be celebrating the Pe├▒afrancia Festival. Since I'm a non-Catholic, I don't participate in it. I think we're having a long-time family friend stay with us for a bit (or for longer, if she wants) during that time and we'll be staying at my grandfather's house in San Jose.

Before the end of the month (hopefully), the items I and my brother ordered online will arrive without damage. I'm *really* looking forward to getting my hands on them. Very much.

I've got a gajillion things to do at work tomorrow (plus a Skype meeting with the Marketing people in Manila), and I should (should) be resting right now.

But, all for the blog.

Happy first of September everybody! Make this month count in the best way possible.