You guessed it right!
Today marks my second month at Nueca!
To celebrate, here's a list of my recent purchases on iTunes.

Yeah, that's right.
Nothing related.
It won't be until after my third month that I'll feel a legit "Nuecan".

But, onto the purchases!

1. JoJo's Tringle - III

This has been sooo long in the making. Super long. Jojo had some issues with her past label (if you didn't know) that prevented her from coming out with more albums on a regular basis. She had to settle things with them before moving to a new label and if there's any sign (aside from the obvious) that everything's done with now, it's this album.

The first thing I thought was, "Dang! Finally, JoJo's back!" and instantly purchased her "Tringle" off iTunes the day it was released. This was my first ever purchase on iTunes (since I only recently got a card to use for the store) and I LOVE it so much. Out of the three, I'm really digging "Save My Soul" and play it on repeat everyday.

JoJo is back, everybody.

2. Black Magic - Little Mix

I am INSANELY digging them now. Okay, so the first song I ever heard form them was Wings and thought I thought it was good, it wasn't enough to make me a fan right then. I skipped a year or two from listening to them and finally got back on the wagon when they released a new music video/song called Black Magic. People were talking about it so much that I couldn't not watch it for myself, and probably because I also wanted to get updates on if they got worse or better.

They really got better since Wings came out. Perrie got prettier and the voice that once annoyed me so much before didn't sound so draggy anymore. I'm still not familiar with the other three (I love the voice of the girl on the left though), but I bought this track anyway. It has such a catchy tune and is easy to play on the guitar, which is a double point in my books, haha.

Also on replay forever.

3. EMOTION - Carly Rae Jepsen

I'll admit up front that I was not fond of her first song (I don't even remember the title) and figured she'd be a one-song-hit kind of artist. After I heard her for the first time, I didn't look back - until she came out with this album.

While I didn't buy the whole thing (I Really Like You is on Apple Music, and I'm having second thoughts buying it), these two tracks stood out and earned my money. It has this indie-ish, hip kind of vibe that makes me just want to go out and dance like no one cares. Haven't rated them since I haven't got to listen to them more than 5 times. Then I'll know if I actually really like them.

I am now fully aware of her presence in the music industry and the fact that maybe, artists that don't seem too great at first will eventually come back with better tracks. Maybe. (Oh! The song title was Call Me Maybe! Finally remembered it.)

4. Better Together - Fifth Harmony

I know this is a really old song, but do you ever experience hearing something years back and not liking it and being extra fond of it a few years later? This is the case with Fifth Harmony's Better Together. I preferred Little Mix more than this group before, but after watching their live performances and acoustic versions, I was hooked.

Honestly, one of the reasons I looked back on their history was because of Worth It, which is a little too noisy and repetitive for me. I might change my mind in the future again though.

5. Pentatonix (Deluxe) - Pentatonix

Can acapella get anymore perfect? PTX is really pushing this genre to its peak, and I doubt it'll reach the other side of the slope soon. And that's a good thing.

Watching their progress from Sing-Off, then on Youtube makes me hopeful that great music is still floating around somewhere. With all the auto-tuning and other synthetic voice effects these days, pure talent is not hard to find, but hard to sell, especially with this generation's music preferences.

Their release is set for October this year, and after hearing Can't Sleep Love and buying it wholeheartedly, this album will be explosive.