Not feeler, but filler.

Doesn't it amaze you how much work (and free time) you get in a day, yet it is never, ever enough? Somehow, the day still needs to be 24 hours longer and the night - well, it should probably not exist.

I've had moments where I had so much stuff to do that I just gave up on sleep and watched shows on Hulu and Netflix a whole 24-35 hours (probably not the best way to spend that much time, but Kitchen Nightmares and documentaries like "The Real Texas Chainsaw Massacre" get me so energetic).

This week and the week before has been amaze-balls, and though we've lost another member of the clan (R.I.P. lolo Uben), there's no time to sulk and be all depressed. He led the life he was supposed to and in the end accepted the Lord into his life. This was why I didn't wear black to the funeral.

Buuuttt... enough with the depressing stuff! Here are a few things I've been up to (and experienced) in the last two weeks. I'll be lying if I told you this was everything, but some things are best kept private.

On with the show!

Breaktime and my Tiffany

I just have to share an awesome experience. Just two days ago, a package arrived at home. Now, there are three packages I have been waiting for for forever, and when I got news that one had arrived, I got tense. Which one would it be? The Google Cardboard? The Tiffany necklace? Or the Tiffany set bought for me by a certain someone?

Needless to say, opening that package and seeing the Tiffany blue box made me feel like a kid opening presents on Christmas morning. It is beautiful. I've always wanted a Tiffany since I learned about it in high school, and to think that someone gave it to me (the whole $375 worth of it) as a gift made it even more special. I've been wearing it ever since. I can't wear the necklace everyday since it's a little too formal. I'll just wait for the one I ordered and wear that.

The fashion illustration is the freshest out of all the photos here today. It was created around 30-45 minutes ago in the office (where I am now) in 10 minutes. I'm still not over the New York Fashion Week, so that's a little smear to last week's hype. The next thing on my to-go-to list is at least one of these shows.

More drawings

If you can't find me reading, I'd be drawing. Or maybe watching Youtube. Or a lot of other things. Point is, drawing has never been away from my system. The first image was taken a few days before the New York Fashion Week, just to show hoe excited I was to know there'd me new fashion trends this year though I wouldn't be able to go personally. It wasn't originally supposed to be a poncho over a pencil skirt, but my hands have a life of their own. Ta-da.

Watercolor is about the third medium I want to be really good at (after digital and pencil). With a little help from a black Sharpie and a white Uni pen, this turned out okay. I can never get the illustration exactly the way I pictured it in my head, and that's really frustrating. That's probably why no matter how many times I fail, I keep trying. Someday.

There's so much more to tell you, but I have to get back to work, haha! I love how we get time to relax and just be creative when we feel tired from staring at the computer screen. Just great.