This month, I've made a couple of purchases that have become a part of my art-making process. I've always used Photoshop for work and other projects, and Paint Tool SAI for other random doodles or light drawing studies. Although I greatly enjoy working with these products, my love for discovering other tools thankfully never dies.

Around two weeks ago, I went software-hunting. It lasted for three-fourths of the whole day but I came out of it feeling really satisfied with my finds. Of course, my primary goal was to find free software that didn't suck, but there are seriously great products out there that are worth the price. Note: These applications were made for Apple devices. I'm not sure if there are versions for these on other systems.

MacClean - FREE

Image courtesy of Imobie

Since the upgrade to El Capitan, my Mac has been lagging a lot. Photoshop was at its worst, just opening a Finder window would take a minute or two, and it felt like my Mac was at least three years old. After installing MacClean and allowing it to sweep my system, my former issues were gone.

I've tried other cleaning apps but most are only free to try for a limited number of days with incomplete functionality, while some have even worsened the state of my system. I highly recommend MacCleaner to others who suffer from a slow OS after upgrading. The cherry on the cake? It's FREE FOREVER.

Download the software here: MacClean

Graphic by Autodesk - $24.99

Image courtesy of Autodesk

Autodesk has some incredible products on their catalog. I don't think there's anything I'm not fond of in their list, from Maya, Mudbox, and now, Graphic.

Whenever Photoshop flips out for some reason (it probably just needs an update/optimization fix for El Capitan), I find myself immediately shifting to Graphic. While Photoshop has an insane amount of features for editing and creating, Graphic has a simple interface with straight-forward functions meant for graphic design and vector illustration. They both have the pen tool (Graphic's pen tool has become my personal favorite), layers and blending modes, the brush tool, and a few other similarities.

I'll say it again to be clear: Graphic is a vector creation software. It doesn't pretend to be a replacement for Photoshop and it also doesn't say it's the ultimate art software around. It's great for it's primary purpose, but it's also an awesome substitute for Photoshop.

Know more and buy this software here: Graphic

Sketch 3 - $99

Image courtesy of Sketch

My favorite out of all the software I've purchased this month, Sketch is a GODSEND. For someone looking into UI and wanting to get started, this application is truly one of the best (if not the best) available.

It does come with a huge price tag, but when you think about the vast capabilities, the number of things you can do with this in your software inventory, it just makes sense to purchase this awesomeness. Personally, since buying Sketch 3, my interest in UI has gone up at least 50%. Everything is easy with Sketch 3, from creating wireframes, full-blown website mockups, to creating UI for iOS and Android devices, plus.

The money you'll spend buying this app is used to it's full potential. They have tutorials, kits to get started, a sh*tload of resources to help you get on the train, and more.

Discover and purchase Sketch 3 here: Sketch 3

What are some of your favorite software this month?
Let me know - I'd love to try them out too!