It's November, and that means my blog is turning five years old!

This level of commitment is new territory for me.

Maintaining a blog hasn't been easy, and until now, I'm still struggling. With a lot of work and other side issues I have to attend to everyday, it gets harder to write content for my blog, content for other people's sites, do HTML/CSS projects, write reviews for certain companies and still work full-time as a Graphic Artist. Whew. 
However, as exhausting as it may get sometimes, this blog has been a blessing to me in a lot of ways. Now that it's reaching one of its biggest milestones, I figured it's time to finally hold my first, small giveaway.

Let's get started!


1. There are a total of two prizes included in this giveaway: (1) One Art Commission (subject of your choice from a select style I'll be providing); and (2) a $10 iTunes Gift Card (strictly for users whose iTunes country setting is "United States".

2. Only one winner will be chosen for the iTunes Gift Card, and two for the art commission prize. Upon winning, I will contact you through Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. We'll get started with your prizes at this point.

3. This giveaway is open to Philippine residents only. Prizes are all digitally delivered.

4. The Art Commission prize has the following restrictions:

  • Request for nudity/images with sexual themes are not allowed.
  • The final output is FINAL, and may not be altered by the winner or anyone else.
  • Once turned-over to the winner, that character/artwork may be used for personal projects. Do with it as you will, as long as it is not sold, traced, or printed as a product. Posting this as your artwork will require me to take legal action.
  • Image rights will still belong to me.

5. Participants only need to do each task/requirement in the raffle below ONCE. It's your call if you want to keep sharing. :)

6. Style samples for the art commission prize can be found here: STYLES

Please be reminded that I will only draw your request using one style of your choosing from the options. :)

7. The giveaway will run from November 3 (starts at 12 AM)  to November 14 (ends 12 AM), 2015. Winners will be announced on November 17 on my blog page and on my Facebook page. No emails will be sent out.

This is my FIRST EVER giveaway, so leave your suggestions about future prizes for my next one.

I'm thinking of giving a mystery prize to at least one "runner-up". More details on that soon, so stay updated!

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