The last week was AMAZING!

My first ever giveaway turned out better than I thought and I've contacted the winners. Three out of the four have responded, so I'm just waiting for her confirmation.

Underneath ALL that though, I've been very, very busy that my other commitments have been ungraciously neglected - something I never want to do. So, as soon as I get everything together in a well-thought schedule, I'll reconnect.

For now, here's an image of my latest artwork, a [kind of] pinup girl bunny. Very loose, this was just something to give myself a break from real-world things. The speed paint video is just below. Have fun!

P.S. The HTML/CSS tutorial series is still happening - just not as immediate. I'll have that up within the weekend, I promise.

Aaand... here's the speed paint!

Have a kick-ass weekend!