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Note: While I am writing this review, I am on my second cycle of listening to Binge. I love it THAT MUCH.

I've never really thought about subscribing to Audible for two reasons: (1) I love reading a book more than I do listening to a narration of it, and (2) I couldn't afford an additional expense. Just last month though, I finally decided to give it a try - and boy, was the journey unexpectedly great.

It's a fact that everybody on the internet knows who Tyler Oakley is (unless you've been living under a rock), and are also aware that he released a self-written book titled Binge. It's just too bad the hard copy isn't available here in Naga, and if I had to spend for a book, I wanted it physically. So, it occurred to me that, since Tyler would be narrating his own audiobook, it was the next best thing. I wasn't wrong. Binge (Audiobook) is amazing. AMAZING and very personal. Let's just say I am more than rooting for Tyler and his #goals in this life.

| Story

I really don't think rating an autobiography is the way to go, but the arrangement and the wordings in general were great. I really felt a connection with Tyler Oakley and his person (though Queen Tyler would never know I exist) and the things he had to go through in life. He's... normal, in a good way. I love how informal he wrote his story and made it seem like we were best friends sharing stories over coffee.

| The Audiobook

IT IS LIFE, honey, L-I-F-E. I am an avid watcher (binge watcher, haha, truly) of Tyler's Youtube videos and I just love how much fun he has (also with his collaborations with others) and the content of his videos. It's relaxing to just see him enjoy his life and somehow, it makes me enjoy mine too. (I love you, Tyler!)

His narration of his own book was more than I could've asked for. I mean, although I already knew he would be doing it, I still didn't expect so much entertainment just by listening. I'm a reader first, then a listener.

I could keep telling you how much I love Binge, but then you'd have to go through tons of paragraphs just pointing in that direction (and you really have no time for that, right?).

| The Verdict

There's no question about it - Binge is amazing both as a book and audiobook.

Overall Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Have you read/listened to Binge by Tyler Oakley as well? Are you planning to? Are you subscribed to Audible? How do you like it?

Audible grants a 30-day free trial of their service, and you won't be charged for succeeding months if you decide to cancel before the trial period. Try Audible now and understand why I've come to love it.