In a time where commuting from one place to another is incredibly stressful, a common desire among Filipinos is to have their own cars (I am no exemption). Although I don't live in Manila, I've spent most of my life there, and I know exactly how difficult it is just to get to the mall or hang out with friends. I just hate it. However, as much as I'd like to get my own car, I have no idea how to get one without having a heart attack.

For those of you with a similar sentiment (and who are quite uncomfortable visiting dealers), worry no further. BPI has a solution for you: a virtual car showroom.

Through the BPI Family Auto Loans program, BPI now has a showroom online for people who want to browse and compare different brand-new car models without having to leave their homes. It's very user-friendly, interactive, and have a handful of useful features like a comprehensive car buyer's guide, a self-service auto loan calculator, a simple online application form (goodbye, hideous paper-work), and an easy-to-use self-assessment test.

This is great news. I love the fact that BPI has taken into account the public's needs (and wants) and continue to look for ways to "Make the Best Happen" through innovative and relevant promos and products. Through the website, prospectives are given complete information that will help them in financing and deciding which car would suit their lifestyle or personality (and budget) best.

If that still doesn't pique your interest, the comprehensive car buyer's guide available on the site provides up-to-date information on car models available in the country along with their prices, variants, and specifications.

Personally, I think one of the greatest features available on the website is the auto loan calculator, which shows the initial cash-out and monthly amortization that goes with your chosen down payment percentage and loan term. Applying is easy via the online application form, and once submitted, the loan decision is a quick wait, with a period of just 3 to 8 business hours.

“With the improving economic condition of the Philippines due to its strengthening industries and the government’s initiatives to improve transportation, auto manufacturers have seized the chance to provide more options ranging from high-end to affordable cars that will fit what the market needs. Likewise, BPI Family Auto Loan compliments this progress by providing car financing that is affordable, easily understandable, and highly accessible, for everyone. We are committed to contributing to our country’s progress and helping our countrymen realize their dreams of owning their own car,” shares Pepe Carlos, VP and Head of Auto Loans Division.    

If you want to know more information (and maybe shop for brand-new cars yourself), head over to and start making your dream car a reality.