As promised, I'm back to my usual random-posting self, and although I'm feeling really off (have been for the past one-and-a-half days), I don't want to skip my commitment. I'm still not sure about how I'll be posting, but as long as I don't accumulate three days of silence, I'm good.

To get an issue out of the way, I'm still on a self-medicated diet, though I'm planning to go on a cleansing diet of fruits, veggies, and protein. Of course, I need to go about it gradually and not accidentally starve myself to incoherence. I've been slowly removing rice from my meals - I started with lunch (which has been successful so far) and now, I'm trying to get rid of eating rice during dinner time. Given that we eat around 7:30 pm, this shouldn't be a problem.

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California Institute of the Arts

This excites me so damn much, you don't even know. Like I said, this year will be my year. This means I'm devoting more time for self-improvement and focusing more on what I want to do. If you've read my first post for this year, I mentioned about having grand plans, and I intend to make those happen. Signing up for a short course at the California Institute of the Arts is the first step.

CalArts is offering Fundamentals of Graphic Design via Coursera, and it is everything. You can take the class for free or pay for a genuine, recommended-by-CalArts, certified-course-grad certificate. The latter is priced at $59, and they also offer "scholarships" or financial aid to those who apply and are approved. The course has just started and deadline for enrollment is on January 16, so if you've got free time and want to improve/learn a new skill, sign up now at Coursera.

The 30-Day Challenge

If you know me well, you'd be aware that 30-day challenges and I have not been friends. We've been trying to avoid each other like a plague, but I always keep coming back to it. I can't count the number of times I've started a challenge then got bored with it after a few days in.

However, the new year requires me to step up my game. Starting today, I'm doing the Drawing Girls 30-Day Challenge, where you're given a girl type for each day and it's up to you to interpret the theme.

Todays theme is a normal girl, and I've finished the drawing around an hour ago. Since it would be really boring to just post one drawing a day and a short description, I'm thinking of uploading them by batch, weekly. I'll be posting everyday on my Instagram instead, which is where it belongs for the most part.

So many exciting things happening, and it's only the second week of January! I can't wait to see what other things I'll face in the coming weeks.