I am beyond ecstatic to share with you the things that have been keeping me busy the past few days, but all on my own time, of course. Presenting to you three books and one incredibly awesome horror podcast!

The Healer's Pact
Rating: 1/2

The Healer's Pact by Nigel Henry left me wanting more, though not in a way you'd expect. In this case, I felt like the author rushed the whole setting of the story and the characters - there was no time to take a breather or get intimate with the hero and heroine of the novel. In some cases, this serves a good purpose, but with this one, it didn't help the book's impact.

Story-wise, the world Nigel Henry created had a lot of potential. It seemed like the setting was thriving with history, something that was left (disappointingly) unestablished. We start off with the two main characters alone together, followed by an event that springboards the whole thing. I usually have no problem with these type of intros, but the way the setting up of the situation was handled wasn't the best.

I really wouldn't mind spending a few more hours investing myself into the characters and the world they lived in. That's the point of a book, right? To jump into a new world and feel the characters breathe. Sadly, this was a novel that I found too short and underdeveloped.

The Automat
Rating: 

If there was a book I would reread on my off days, something short but quite warming, it would be this. It was a lot shorter than I expected (I finished a few hours after I started it - and I was at work!), and I'm not too fond of "novels" that turn out to be just tips of a pencil. But yes, as disappointed on the length as I am, I was still taken with the story.

The hero's history/background was laid out just enough for the readers to get a view of his life before and after events within the book took place, and you can't help but relate to him somehow, even though you haven't experienced the exact events in his life.

Surprisingly, The Automat started slow and steady but ended too soon. Imagine traffic just starting to move faster and faster until you realize you're already at your destination.

I had mixed emotions at the end of my read, although this was a sad, sad story. On one hand, you already have the feeling you know where the tale was going, but on the other, you're still quite clueless about how far the author (Cristina Martin) will continue teasing you with "what's next" or others. In general, this book was a solid 4 stars.

God Is Disappointed In You 
Rating: 

No amount of words will ever accurately describe my feelings for this book, though it wouldn't hurt to try and convey them to you, as I will be doing now.

You see, God Is Disappointed In You is not your ordinary humor, nor is it something made to "enlighten the spirit". In fact, it's a truly offensive, brilliant product. If someone is ass-drunk and filled to the brim with Biblical musings, with a heightened love to interpret what the Bible wants to talk about as brutally as possible, he would be named Mark Russell. The best part is that we'll find this perfectly adorable (I did, anyway.)

While most Christians would look down on me for enjoying this book, I'm taking it as it is - pure fun. It literally stripped down the Bible into short stories, not taking into account the core of its teachings and what it really stands for. You can't argue that it's still the Bible, can you? It's more... representative of it, but not exactly a mirror of it. At any rate, I'd often find myself bursting in laughter from a part I'm listening to (in Audible) and my brother looking at me questioningly. Since then, I have *defiled* my brother and have won him over to my side. We now thoroughly enjoy this book and laugh like hyenas together.

There's so much more I could tell you about this book, but the best part is experiencing it yourself. Describing it wouldn't give justice to it at all.

Tales From Beyond the Pale - Podcast
Rating:  x infinity

Okay, I went over-the-top with the rating - but if you're a horror/mystery fan like me and have been dying to find a podcast that is both well-written and wonderfully narrated/voice-acted, you'll be geeking out just the same!

Discovering Tales From Beyond The Pale was an accident, and the best one so far. I was randomly reading an article on a website about female murderers and upon scrolling, I saw this included in their article database. I figured I might as well read another boring write-up about the Top 10 Podcasts for Horror fans. This wasn't included on the list (since it wasn't a free podcast) but was so fortunately mentioned by the author in his introduction. I felt the need to click on the link and since then, I have been on my knees just listening to samples and buying full episodes/chapters in Audible. This all happened after lunch today.

If my words aren't enough to convince you, you can check out two of their full-length episodes (shown on at the image above) and listen in HD on this link. I guarantee that even non-horror fans but book/audiobook lovers in general will find their podcast very entertaining. The voice actors did an incredible job acting these out and the writers did as well.

I have a number of their books saved on my Wishlist at Audible for future purchase, and I've finished two episodes from my library already. Good thing we're getting paid at work tomorrow. Yes! Haha.

I must apologize for crunching all these incredible things in one post. They really deserve a more in-depth review I'm sure, but it just happens.

Thanks for reading this post and hope to see you on the next one! Ciao!