(Before you reprimand me for skipping a day, let me tell you - it was intentional [cough, cough]. We good? Thanks.)

There are two reasons I unified days five and six today, the first being this day marks my 6th month at Nueca (hooray) and second, I have a number of things to share with you that deserve to be crammed into one post (though this last reason was probably invalid to begin with).

But yes, SIX MONTHS, baby!

I feel like I deserve to go to Starbucks tonight and order a latte or something. Or maybe just buy something online (like a skull-shaped shot glass or a Baymax Bobblehead). Six months may not be much, but it marks something special. It marks an "almost-there-but-not-yet" checkpoint in my career and I'm just so happy to have found work near home.

To give you a little history (or if you'd rather read my post about it, click here), I spent a month in Manila, rented a condo, spent too much money, got slapped in the face by life, and still came out jobless at the end of 30 days. The only reason I came back to Naga was because I had applied at Nueca and got an email with my interview date. That only reason turned out to be everything.

I'm loving work, it's nothing short of a miracle that I ended up at Nueca. On that fateful day in the first week of July 2015, I knew this had to be it. My first job. My first step to the career I've always imagined myself having. Six months and I still like it. One can argue that the salary isn't the strongest point for my choice in workplace (I could be at Gameloft right now if I went through with it, haha), but it's a great feeling to be designing without a stuck-up boss hovering over your shoulder and demanding I meet unrealistic deadlines. I'd prefer that over a huge paycheck any day.

So yes, I'm officially 6 months old with a lot more months ahead. :)

T is for Throwback

While taking a break today, I found myself searching random places on Google maps (Street view). One of those places was Australia. Throwback on a Wednesday? Sure.

I'll be doing a video, talking through the places I went to while I lived in Berala, Sydney, Australia later in the week (perhaps earlier), but for now, here are some shots with a short description of each.

Jack and Jill Park (I think it was called that), the place that got me frustrated with my parents. Eight-year-old me had been wanting to play here after school and was always being promised that the next day or next week, I would. I got to play here though, so that was the end of an almost-fit.

Whenever mom had to stay late at work, me and my dad would buy Fish 'n' Chips (basically, one whole grilled chicken with potato fries on the side, wrapped in foil, fresh from the oven) for dinner. It makes me quite sad that the place is now only a memory, albeit a good one.

Finally, here is a photo of the flat we stayed at for two of the three years we stayed in Australia. We lived at the top floor, and that window was my room's. It was also where I would look out and sing like the Disney princess I always wanted to be, haha! I miss this place so much.

T is for Tattoo

Okay, beloved family and incredibly strict aunts, uncles, and grandparents - by tattoo, I meant temporary ones. I'm too much of a 'good girl' to actually get one, and it would make my O-Positive blood "un-donatable". So chill, family.

I've been looking at tattoo shops online which sell tattoos that would last from 1-2 weeks, and I'm fast falling in-love with a few of them. I've been debating with myself (for at least two months now) about which design and from what company, but the one I really want is too pricey. That's without shipping too.

I don't know, I'm not being selfish in wanting to get temporary tattoos, right? Right? I don't know. I already ordered a nose ring a few weeks back anyway. Why not?

You see, there was a purpose for the skipped day. Having too many good things in one post makes me feel really great inside. Although I'm sort of missing these places and experiences, it was worth the early throwback.

Is there a place you would want to revisit, even through Google maps? I promised beyond Google - I'm going back to this place, and I'm bringing my family back with me.