Post-Valentine's is always a time for candy-obsessed people to go shopping since the prices are slashed off. I am not one of those people, and I buy my candy before Valentine's, haha.

When me and my brother went to the mall on the 13th, I saw this weird-looking Japanese candy named Meiji, and in spite of my oath to stop making unnecessary purchases (which I have still yet to master - spent too much that day, ugh), I picked it up.

Meiji minis (ooh, sounds like a girl band or something, haha)

The experience was... bland, so to say. I knew they were going to be sweet, but I wasn't sure by how much and if I was going to get poisoned (kidding). Here's what I think.

Candy 1: Marble

I could not read anything on the box aside from "Meiji" and "Marble", so let's call it the latter instead.  They look like M&M's but more pastel in color and more slippery to grasp.

A breakdown of how each color tastes:

Blue - Tastes like normal chocolate-filled candy, but with a slight sour after-taste
Red - Ugh. NO.
Green - Too sour for my taste. I could barely make out the chocolate.
Yellow - Less sour than the green one. More of a citrus flavor, too.
Pink - The pink was generally okay, and I couldn't distinguish the difference between this and the blue one.

Overall taste: It's like a block of Cadbury mixed with a whole lot of Nerds (I like them separate, thank you). 

Candy 2: Coffee Beat

I love having coffee every now and then, so this was a treat. It smelled like coffee, and it tasted like one too (thank GOD).

If you've ever tasted (and loved) Starbucks' CoffeeJelly Frappe, you're sure to like these pops as well. It first fills your mouth with that strong coffee taste (bitter but bearable), but after a while, it starts to get that familiar coffee jelly sourness.

Overall taste: Though I'd suck on these once in a while, it's not something I'd go crazy about. At least it's better than Marble.

Candy 3: Choco Baby

Less than bite-sized, these babies (pun intended, haha) don't pack enough flavor. Sure, you get a few seconds of 5% sweetness and then poof, it's all back to nothing.

I had to take at least 5 pieces to get more flavor out of this. It just tasted like dark chocolate but less bitter and more like, "What am I actually eating?".

Overall taste: None. Except for when you fill your mouth with them. Leaves you bitter, more in the heart than the mouth.

Candy 4: Apollo

Apollo would be disappointed to be linked to this, to put it bluntly.

Look, I like strawberry in certain forms, but this tasted like a cheaper version of Cadbury's Fruit & Nut chocolate. It took me a while to come to terms with that one, and this one might take even longer. The strawberry flavor was there, but the mix wasn't right.

Overall taste: Sorry, Apollo.

So there you go, a review of some Meiji candy. While I love Japanese candy in general (and a select choice of Japanese items), most of these don't make the cut. Still, I'm willing to pick up the next weird-looking candy when I go to the mall and do another review. Any suggestions?