I came around to the "anti-bucket list" after I decided to clean my Chrome bookmarks and get rid of the expired, inactive, and now-useless sites I had saved years ago. I found some real treasures, tutorials I forgot I still needed to study, links to art blogs that are life, and creative prompt websites (which I used to be quite obsessed about). One such site is Fat Mum Slim, where I bookmarked a post of 50 things to blog about. So many prompts to choose from, but I finally settled on one.

My Anti-Bucket List (as of 23.3.16)

  • do something that will break my relationship with my closest friend
  • burn the kitchen due to my lack of cooking skills
  • become obsessed with my weight
  • do something illegal that I'd be jailed for for years
  • break a bone
  • vomit in front of an audience during a performance
  • ruin the family name by being unsuccessful
  • get pregnant before marriage
  • marry the wrong person (how will you know, though?)
  • realize I've been living my life wrong the entire time and not having enough years to redo it
  • become an embarrassment in front of the whole world
  • stain hotel sheets due to my period (oh god no)
  • pass out from fatigue
  • work at a fast food chain because God knows I'm scared of people
  • spend more than P2000 in one visit at Starbucks (closest I've ever spent was around P1500+)
  • resort to something illegal to earn money
  • get lost in a strange country with a weird language

I'm quite sure I've got more to include in the list, so I WILL be updating this from time to time. :) How about you? What would you write in your anti-bucket list?