Thursday, March 24, 2016

My anti-bucket list: Things I hope to never (have to) do before I die

I came around to the "anti-bucket list" after I decided to clean my Chrome bookmarks and get rid of the expired, inactive, and now-useless sites I had saved years ago. I found some real treasures, tutorials I forgot I still needed to study, links to art blogs that are life, and creative prompt websites (which I used to be quite obsessed about). One such site is Fat Mum Slim, where I bookmarked a post of 50 things to blog about. So many prompts to choose from, but I finally settled on one.

My Anti-Bucket List (as of 23.3.16)

  • do something that will break my relationship with my closest friend
  • burn the kitchen due to my lack of cooking skills
  • become obsessed with my weight
  • do something illegal that I'd be jailed for for years
  • break a bone
  • vomit in front of an audience during a performance
  • ruin the family name by being unsuccessful
  • get pregnant before marriage
  • marry the wrong person (how will you know, though?)
  • realize I've been living my life wrong the entire time and not having enough years to redo it
  • become an embarrassment in front of the whole world
  • stain hotel sheets due to my period (oh god no)
  • pass out from fatigue
  • work at a fast food chain because God knows I'm scared of people
  • spend more than P2000 in one visit at Starbucks (closest I've ever spent was around P1500+)
  • resort to something illegal to earn money
  • get lost in a strange country with a weird language

I'm quite sure I've got more to include in the list, so I WILL be updating this from time to time. :) How about you? What would you write in your anti-bucket list?

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  1. Hey there, what an awesome post here. Pretty creative if you ask me.

    You see posts about bucket lists all the time but this is the first time I've seen an anti-bucket list. I think everything in your list is definitely smart and wise to not do.

    As the saying goes "You don't have to stick your hand in the fire to know it's going to burn you."

    Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is a very interesting bucket list, I've actually never heard of a non-bucket list before. I wouldn't mind getting lost in a country where I don't know the language, I actually did and it was a lot of fun. I was in china, arriving in this small town, and all I know was the name of the hostel I was staying at. No address or anything, and nobody would speak English to help me find it. But it was very interesting, I enjoyed the "quest". What I would never ever do, is anything involving snakes. No thank you!

    1. Hehe, wow! I guess it's different for others, huh? Haha. I like control over situations, especially when in unfamiliar territory. Getting lost in London or New York would be fine as I know I can communicate well with them, haha. I do NOT like snakes either. I prolly should've included that here. Thanks!

  3. Very inspiring post! I say inspiring cause now I want to write my own anti bucket list on my own blog! Damn.. hahaha! If I am to write though, I'm pretty sure that smoking cigarettes (as I have never done it in my short life) and doing something that will put my child in harm's way physically or mentally and breaking my husband's trust would be at the top of my list for sure.. :)

  4. What, getting lost in a strange country where you're not familiar with the local language sounds like an adventure! :) That aside, I can think of a few things I hope I'd never have to do, but I'd rather make a printed list of my bucketlist instead. I believe in the law of attraction and that the universe brings what people focus their attention to.

  5. all this time i have been talking about my bucket list but I never came up with this idea of making my own "Anti-bucket list"
    I think one thing I would love to include in my list is to Die without knowing my real purpose!
    Aha! You are scared of people too! Are you introvert or something? Because I am on that zone too but you should not! With all the talents you got, you should be out there showing the world what you have to offer!
    Thanks for sharing us your Anti-Bucket list

    1. Hahaha! Go ahead an make one yourself! Yep, living an aimless life is a fear I have as well. I'm an ambivert, haha. Stuck in the middle, as I'd like to call it. Thank you so much for the support! ^__^ When I get past my shyness, haha, maybe.

  6. I certainly agree to some points that you have discussed on this post. I appreciate that you have shared some reliable tips on this review.

  7. I love the idea of having an anti-bucket list. This is something new. I actually love listing down stuff as well. I do it before I start my day since it keeps me organized. I'm super scatterbrained most of the time and lists keep me on track. I'll try to make my own anti-bucket list. Thanks for the idea!

  8. Interesting perspective! I especially like the never "become obsessed with my weight" since this is something I'm currently struggling with.

    PS. I feel like it's harder to come up with an anti-bucket list than a real bucket list :P

  9. 1,500 bucks at Starbucks??!! Did you treat your entire clan or something? Or you have serious addiction issues w/ caffein? That's a lot of money girl, haha! - Sonnie

  10. Haha! I enjoyed reading your list. For some reason, it all makes sense. And if I'm to write my own, I'll probably include some points you've written too. Then, I'll add this "I hope I won't stop pursuing my dreams even if I stumbled a couple of times... To never ever giving up!" :) -- Jen of

  11. This is so cool. I guess I have never heard of Anti Bucket list. I am definitely gonna make one. I guess I will make an Anti Bucketlist of haircare regimen on my blog. You are awesome for doing this post. Loved it. And you know 1st two items in your bucket list is definitely on mine too.



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