We’ve heard it all before. The question posed when classes resume and you’re prompted to write a little reflection about the holidays. The question young  and not-so-young adults fill with answers that don’t make it past pen and paper. 

“What are your resolutions for 2017?”

Yeah, resolutions my face. I think I’d rather just stick to “goals” this year rather than “resolve” to do or accomplish something that I have no full control over. I’d rather set goals that I know I can stick to. Goals sound way nicer, and it kind of gives you a sense of “journey”, don’t you think? Resolutions sound stricter, less room for mistakes and creativity. Or it might just be me. 

But yes, it’s “goals” for 2017. 

Again, to make sure I don’t forget that this past year was good (albeit a little disappointing - RIP Alan Rickman and Carrie Fisher), I’m listing down a summary of things I’m proud of this year (in no order). If you find reading about other people’s feats boring (haha), feel free to skip the list and read the paragraph after. :)

  • Learned more about Social Media Marketing
  • Established The Indy Miss more
  • Reached 1.7k fans on the Facebook page!
  • Got my first two big-paying sponsored posts gig for the blog
  • Learned to read people more (sorry not sorry)
  • Met new blogger friends online and IRL (yay!)
  • Adapted a new art style (& still working on my old one)
  • Got addicted to Himouto! Umaru-Chan and New Game! (animé)
  • Produced stickers and other merch for a mini art fair
  • Discovered the art of Podcasting and voice acting (haha!)
  • Established that money is like a candle in the wind (:/)
  • Got approved to set up shop at Creative Market!
  • Learned how to deal with clients better and keep a good relationship going
  • Learned a thing or two about flat-laying properly
  • Got a little thriftier (looong way to go still)
  • Fixed my portfolio and made it a bit more consistent than before
  • Got better at lettering and calligraphy
  • Started a newsletter (RSS) and gained 28 more subscribers
  • Ordered a mug print of an illustration I made on DA (worth the wait and moolah!)
  • Learned the “business-y” side of my life and career (*shivers*)
  • Learned that not eating lunch and snacking instead at 3pm helps me lose weight (will do again after the holidays)
  • Turned one year young at my first job (the feels)
  • Realized who actually cares about maintaining a friendship with me
  • Made very valuable connections in the real world
  • Got invited to international exhibits in London, Berlin, and California. Sadly couldn’t get funds to support each trip, haha.
  • He put a ring on it :P
  • Got a good sense of when to stop talking and when to just let the words flow.

So. 2016 was quite bomb. It's either you take it positively or negatively. What's great about being a blogger is the ability to go back in time via your posts and see how you've improved and what effed-up stuff have happened. 

I've got a LOT of hope for 2017, and I'm tired of asking it to "please be kind to me". The only way anything will happen this year will depend on what you do with it. Connections you make, friendships you burn and create, people you devote time to, what you stand up for, and how much you'll let it affect you.

But... if I DID have to list a resolution, there'd only be one: SPEND WISELY. 

How about you? What are your goals for 2017? I'd love to congratulate you on your own feats this past year, so leave a comment! :) 

See you in 2017.