What's Going On?

So it’s happening. I’ve breached unknown territory. I might have a stalker on my hands. 

I don’t know who has been sending me gifts at home and at the office, and it’s getting ridiculous. Even the boyfriend (who was supposed to have taken off last Saturday and arrived in Australia yesterday) didn’t leave because apparently, he couldn’t shrug off this mystery either. 

Here’s the sitch: Last week, some packages arrived at the office, and as customary, one of our officers received them from the courier. We don’t really bother reading names - as long as they’re addressed to the company, we take them in. Since I wasn’t expecting any parcels, I took no notice of the mail. 

The next day, there was a single package left on the table. Some officemates were beginning to question why none of us have claimed it yet, and the assumed owner of the parcel had already denied having anything to do with it. We were all curious, and upon checking the name on the plastic, we realized it was named for no one in the office. It was addressed to the office, but we knew no one by the name indicated. 

This was baffling, so someone decided to ring the number on the package. 

It was my number

My NEW number. Just one (or two) week/s before, I had upgraded my postpaid plan, so that set bells in my head almost immediately. It had the address and name of the company, with my number and a stranger’s name written on the “send to” area of the bag. On the “sender” area, it had nothing. It had the tracking number written under the receiver’s address, but we couldn’t trace it online since it was missing the three-digit BC (which can only be found on the official receipt/document). 

How were my officemates sure it was for me? Aside from my number being on the package, the contents were too telling. It had Kuretake brush pens, Pilot Petit refills, and a few more calligraphy items - stuff I was just about to order that same day. Creepy as hell. I was so freaked out (still am) about it all I’ve left it in the office ever since. Tried the items once, but that was it. I’ll contact the courier and have them track where it came from ASAP.

I decided that if someone from my Facebook friends list had sent them to surprise me for the holidays, they’d at least send a message if I asked around. So, I posted a photo of the contents of the mail and asked who it could’ve come from. 

Still no word. 

As if that freaky incident wasn’t enough, someone paid for my drink at Starbucks last Saturday. 

So I was in line, okay, ready to pay for my grande Santa Hat Frapuccino and Banana loaf combo when the guy behind me offered to pay for them. While it was great to get something for free, it was an unwelcome “libre”. I politely declined and laughed along with the barista taking my order, saying, “Ay wow, kuya, hehe. Christmas treat?” I meant it as a joke, but the guy took it seriously and insisted it should be charged to him. I just wanted to hide behind the barista who was staring at me then back to the guy. I tried putting him off and making him take back his decision but he handed the girl his card and insisted so much I just had to let it go. I’d been avoiding looking at the guy but I took a quick peek and gave him a quick smile. After thanking him, I went back to my seat by the window and could feel his eyes surveying me. 

Coincidentally, when I went to Starbucks this evening with a few colleagues, he was there AGAIN. I don’t know if it was just a blip, but when he and I saw each other, he stood up and hurriedly left. DOES THAT NOT COUNT AS WEIRD?!

Mistake No. 1: I posted the package mystery on Facebook and got a reaction from le boyfriend. That sort of prompted him to become all too concerned about the whole thing.

Mistake No. 2: I posted about the incident at Starbucks. That added to his concern. 

My concerns: He missed classes for his Master’s Degree because of this hullabaloo. I don’t think I’m in any danger since these have been harmless (albeit insanely weird and mysterious) gifts. 

A popular theory in the office is that they were sent in by a “fan” of my work. I’ve never mentioned my name on my page/s so that could be why the sender couldn’t put my name. However, why didn’t he/she just put “The Indy Miss” or something close to my brand? Why write a completely foreign name on there?

It just doesn’t make ANY sense to me.

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