Design and Experience. A great combination of the two results in an amazing game, app, software, gadget - you name it. During the whole of this month, I've been exploring the App Store in the hopes that I'd find a game worthy to fill the remaining memory of my iPad, a game I wouldn't delete after a few days 'cause I got bored with it.

I think I've found them. Two beautifully made games worthy of both your memory and your time (and money, if you're uncomfortable with even-numbered options). I hope you're ready, 'cause I still haven't gotten over these two. 


Pinout is a modern remake of the classic Pinball game, made even better with a hip soundtrack and amazing colors. It's got awesome sound effects, really cool levels, and is overall a very nice game. The game is playable on all levels under the free tier, but if you want to continue from a certain level, you'll need to buy the app for Php150, and that unlocks the "start from wherever" feature. 

Since downloading the game, playing it on the free mode, then purchasing the app, I've become addicted. I love the colors, I always look forward to the soundtrack of each level, and I just have tons of fun. I play it when I'm bored or have time to spare before a meeting at work, and that usually puts me in a good mood for a while.

Dancing Line

Music is life (or part of it), and if you're a fellow music lover, this app will make you happy. It's based on tempo and the beat of the song, so you have to listen very carefully to each track (headphones are highly recommended). It's very clean, simple, beautiful, and calming. The first time I downloaded it, I spent hours trying to finish everything, to no success. The game gives you 15 cubes to use for each time you play (or attempt) a track. It automatically regenerates after a few minutes so you don't have to buy more cubes.

If you're me, however, and want to finish everything now and just like hoarding blocks, you can purchase them within the game. If I remember correctly, it's Php 49 for 50 cubes, and Php 149 for a 24-hour, unlimited play-time. This purchase is optional though, so you'll still get to experience the full game for free. It's definitely worth a go.

Any apps you've discovered recently that you like? Let me know in the comments so I can check them out too! :)