Hold up. I know what I wrote, and I know what I said about moving. BUT (hear me out) I had a conversation with a few close friends today about The Indy Miss and where things would be going for the brand... and what they told me made a sh*t ton of sense. Let me elaborate.

Note: Also, I really want you guys to understand this, because established brand or not, knowing the what and the why are very crucial. Also, you guys are like family to me, and whatever this blog goes through, you're gonna know about it. :)

I started the end of February with two goals in mind: one, to move everything to a more mature blog under my name and two, rebrand the Facebook page and the rest of my socials. Fast forward to April, I'm thinking keep The Indy Miss as a personal little diary/blog and use the new one on focused topics like Design, Self-Development, and Tech News.

So why this sudden change?

For one, Facebook really hasn't let me change my shortname and page name on Facebook to a new one because it has a following already and two, maybe Facebook just feels like it already has Klout or something. So, If you looked up the Facebook page, it's still the Indy Miss, with a really weird About section and logo. It was no longer a steady brand, rather, it was a mix of two struggling personalities. I needed to act on it.

After the little talk with my close friends today, I got a clearer path, though not perfect. The Indy Miss has established itself as a review/lifestyle/personal blog, and never a go-to for strict design art, and tech resource, something www.oliviapenero.com is (I've been recognized on Medium as a Design writer because of this, so it must mean something, right?).

I'd like to apologize to you guys for being so out of focus and being crazy with how I've been doing things lately. I've got these insane ideas and sometimes, I go ahead without thinking. When I do, it's too late to turn back and what's left is the need to make something of it.

THE INDY MISS is back, and will not leave any time soon. Same content, more frequent (hopefully) and more me. No more barriers. :D

Thank you for understanding me through such a whirlwind. I hope you stay with me. I'm trying to get better, and I know it's only a matter of time until I get my ish together.