If you’ve ever been on a plane, you know the dreadful feeling of not knowing the type of people you’ll be with for the next 8-12 hours, on average. There’s also that fear of boarding a flight that might be a terrorist’s target, or a flight that puts you between a movie buff and a “this-flight-could-be-better-if” nagger. 

I’ve never had to travel alone on a plane (except for domestic flights), so I’m thankful I don’t have to guess my seat-mate and get butterflies in the process. I’m a people person, but I just hate the idea of sitting next to a total stranger who may or may not be the last human you’ll ever interact with. (Sorry for always thinking the worst when flying, but one tends to get these dark ideas at times. Moving on!)

Don’t get me wrong - I love flying, especially with airlines that have comfortable seats and a great selection of food (on top of great TV channels). Sometimes though, I can’t stand being around a certain group of people or be put in a situation where I’d rather be watching some corny telenovela (which is a total pain). I’ve listed a few things that irk me on a flight, and if you can relate, let me know in the comments!

On a side-note, this article might get a little emotional. Haha.

1. Babies / kids in general.

Look, I get it. You can’t help but fly with your little monster/s (I love babies - no sarcasm intended) and I like the fact you’re trying to widen his/her horizons. I admire you for wanting to give the best for your children, but please, please know how to control them when they hold tantrums. 

I’m not talking about moments when they whine for something (as that’s understandable). By tantrums I meant violent episodes where a little goblin baby is jumping up and down on the seat, holding a bagel or beverage, crying at the top of his/her poor lungs, asking to watch Scooby-Doo, and waking everybody up in the middle of the night. I’m trying to get some rest on an already stressful flight, so don’t make me hate kids because you can’t control yours. (I still love kids, by the way. Don’t take your pitchforks out just yet.)

2. Bathrooms that smell like - well - bathrooms.

If I’m 10,000 feet in the air, I don’t want my bathroom smelling like how they would on the ground. It might sound a bit “prima donna-ish” to you but I really can’t stand the smell. I also don’t appreciate bathrooms that smell like a crap-load of disinfectants, Zonrox, and other cleaning chemicals mixed together. I like my bathrooms odorless as much as possible. I have a sensitive nose - a curse, in other words - and just recalling the time I got a whiff of that scent sends shivers up my spine. I won’t mention the airline, but I will say that I was on a flight that changed my perspective on life. 

For passengers who really have to do a number 2 on the flight, I implore you to bring your own air fresheners or something to tone down the smell of last night’s dinner (or whatever you ate before the trip). 

3. Snoring.

Light snores are okay, but if you sound like a microphone was squeezed up your nostrils and connected to the plane’s audio system, we’ve got a huge problem. We’re all trying to get some decent sleep, and as much as I’m glad you’re enjoying your moment of solitude, please help me enjoy mine. 

If you’re a loud snorer and are going to be on a flight, please do yourself a favor and do a little research on how to reduce the volume. This speaks of your health too, so if you think about it, I’m actually also concerned for you. Read up, for your sake first, then ours. 

4. Cold meals.

I don’t know how long my sandwich has been sitting on your tray in the kitchen, but it’s no longer edible. It feels more like a tire than bread to me. I expect to be served food that I can appreciate, not food that I am forced to eat because (1) I paid for it, and (2) a lot of children in Africa are starving (I am not making fun of Africans, just to clarify - people interpret things waayyy out of context these days).

I just need the airlines to realize that part of their service and rating are the food being served. This isn’t just about the seat or the 24-hour bar available for business and first-class passengers. It’s everything from the moment I buy your ticket, check-in my luggage, ride the flight, and pick-up my luggage afterwards. It’s the experience, and if I’m being served meals that seem to have just come out from the freezer, your airline will be a solid 1-star. 

Alright, back to positivity and rainbows. 

I may sound like such a drag to be on a trip with, but I like being comfortable. If I can afford it, I choose the best option available. I choose my flights (and bus trips) wisely now and try to avoid putting myself in situations where these items arise. I pay for my peace of mind, and this applies to everything - whether I’m buying a gadget, booking a hotel, or planning where to host my next blog. Don’t suffer if you don’t have to.