A lot of coffee shops have been popping out in Naga City the past few months, and each one has had to adjust to make themselves unique so people keep coming back to them. Among them is Komentarista Café, located along Mayon Avenue.

It’s a two-story building that’s a great size for intimate conversations or spoken-word sessions, something they’re also known for. (I’ve got a work mate who regularly performs his spoken-word pieces here.) I had never been to the place despite living near the area, so I decided to tag along with colleagues one weekend.

It was around 7-8pm when we got here, and I was quite glad to have the place to ourselves (aside from a couple by the terrace), mostly so that I could do a little photoshoot for the blog. 

You can order food and drinks from the counter downstairs, then proceed upstairs to find a table. That evening, I remember us getting beers and pizza, while listening to our friend perform.

The menu items are reasonably priced, but to be honest, I wish they served better food. The drinks are a given - beer, juice, shakes, etc. - but the food could be better. Having great company can make up for this, but again, if it were just me and a friend, the place wouldn’t exactly be my first choice. It’s cute, but sometimes, cute is not enough.

Would I be willing to go back and give Komentarista Café a second try? Sure, granted that I’m with a pack of people and not quite concerned with filling my stomach. I have to be honest though - it would take a good set of friends to make me.