They say makeup should enhance a person’s natural beauty, and I’m all for enhancement. While I don’t wear makeup everyday (only during “feeling pretty” days, special events, and meetings) I’ve come up with a routine-to-materials-available ratio that works for me. These aren’t by any means expensive as far as I know, so if you want to know more, please keep reading!

Note: I wasn’t sure if I should do a little makeup routine video to complement this post, so I just didn’t do one. I’m also still trying to get over my fear of appearing on camera and subjecting myself to judgmental internet creeps. 

Disclaimer: I’m not a beauty guru or makeup artist. Just putting it out there, haha.

1. Covering Concealers by Douglas (Shades 2 & 3)

I used to wear concealer sticks - often way lighter than normal - but soon found liquid concealers more to my liking. They’re easier to apply too, and easier to blend out with a beauty blender or blending brush. I don’t use #2 often as #3 is more my shade (the reflection made #3 darker than it really is in real life). I’ve got my aunt to thank for these babies, as she gave these to me during her recent vacation from Germany. 

2. True Match Foundation by L’Oreal Paris

True to its name, this foundation blends into your skin and takes the color of your skin pretty easily. I find that liquid foundations are easier to apply using an oval brush as it really evens out the application. I purchased this on one of my off-days, when I had no idea what I wanted but knew I wanted something. Great buy. Be careful when pouring out its contents though as a little goes a long way. 

Also in the photo is Maybelline’s Matte lipstick in Shade 696 (Burgundy Blush). It wasn’t built to last very long but the color’s pretty nice. I love vamp lips and since it was (and still is) on sale, I bought two shades. The other one’s a nude color.

3. Oval Brush by Shawill Make-Up

A few of my workmates had been looking to get one of these and when our boss’s wife recommended oval brushes, we started browsing BeautyMNL and Sephora PH to see if we could get a bargain. This was an impulse buy at the SM Department Store a few days later.

Its bristles are soft and comes with a cute cap to store it with after. I just pour a dollop of liquid foundation onto the back of my hand and dab this right in. Like I said, this blends the product out real smooth and easy. Compared to beauty blenders where you have to dab, I find this more to my liking. (I still use beauty blenders, but now only for concealers and applying contour/highlight. 

4. Roses Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette by Covergirl

I am SO in-love with this palette, and ever since my grandmom sent it over from the U.S. (along with other cosmetics), I haven’t gone out without using at least one or two colors from here. 

Since I have a warm skin tone, I’ve mostly used the colors Rose Gold (the shimmery one in the middle), Copper Rose, Dusk, Mauvergine, & Mousse (far right). The ones on the left (Almond, Champagne, & Baby) are mostly used on my brow bones and inner corners of my eyes. These colors help give my eyes a more pinkish-bronzed shade without leaving the subtle part of town.

5. Autumn Coppers Expert Wear Eyeshadow Palette by Maybelline New York

(Sorry for the mess - I just use this a LOT.)

If I remember correctly, this was either given my my aunt from Germany or grandmom from the U.S. (the same one who gave the Covergirl palette), but I’m not quite sure. Regardless, this one is my go-to base before applying the colors above. This helps give them a base for better application and vibrance.

This palette is perfect for beginners, and since each shade is numbered, it guides you how to best apply the colors given. There’s a neat visual at the back to help you further. 

6. Contouring Palette by Douglas

I have a pretty round face, and often (if I don’t contour), I just look like toasted siopao. My aunt from Germany gave this one to me as well, and I am now officially obsessed. I don’t know what the names of each color is (I may have lost the little transparent sheet that contained it), but the top ones are the highlighters and the bottom ones are for contouring. 

The third one at the top is a shimmer, one that I apply to the bridge of my nose, brow bones, cupid’s bow, and cheekbones. I rarely use the other two, unless I don’t want to glow. As for the contouring shades, I use the middle one to even out my skin tone in some areas and the third one for my cheeks. The leftmost shade is used on the sides of my nose to define it even more. 

When I want my eye makeup to be a neutral to dark brown, I use these shades as well. Why not? At least I get the colors I want, haha.

7. Hypergloss Liquid Eyeliner in Black by Maybelline

Everyone I know knows I’m a liner QUEEN. If I could only apply one product on my face, it would be this. Screw foundation, screw eyeshadow - this here is the bag that carries the whole look. A perfectly winged liner is my go-to look for everything, and I’ve gotten very good at applying both eyes in under a few minutes. The belief that a girl is late because she applied eyeliner doesn’t apply to me. 

I favor liquids over pencils because they are most comfortable for me and easier to manipulate into the shape I want. They also feel like a detail brush for painting, also something I’m comfortable with. Eyeliners for me is the most essential out of this whole list. 

I hope you’ll consider checking out one or two of these products (if you haven’t already)! They’re really nice and not ridiculously expensive like most beauty products available. 

I’ve shown you mine, and I’d like to know yours now too! What are your go-to makeup products? Let me know in the comments!