Anyone can create a business, but making sure it stands for something important and goes beyond profit and worldwide recognition is truly what matters. When a brand goes out of their way to help others, it makes their customers want to keep doing business with them.

Given the recent calamities, a lot of our countrymen have had to leave their homes and evacuate to an area that's safe while the government tries to work on getting the city and its systems back up. I've been following the news and as much as I see plenty of ways to improve our first response quality, I can also see companies, celebrities, and even regular people extend a hand to help without being asked.

For a few hours in Tagaytay and Tacloban, foodpanda riders interrupted their schedule to serve the affected families from the recent typhoon and volcanic eruption, bringing companionship and good food to everyone in the area. To do this, they created Global Soup Kitchen.

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Global Soup Kitchen

Global Soup Kitchen aims to help families and children by bringing smiles through the warmth of food. For over the last two years, foodpanda has been partnering with different orphanages and communities in Manila, Cavite, and Cebu to bring warm meals to more than 1,000 special children. With everything that's been happening in our country, the foodpanda riders continue to extend their reach to more people in Tagaytay and Tacloban.

In their recent activities (headed by foodpanda heroes), the riders were able to deliver food and love to a total of 300 families and 1,200 evacuees in Tacloban and Tagaytay.

In line with the company's vision and mission as a food delivery service, foodpanda continues to make food more accessible, especially to those who are less fortunate and victims of calamity, through the Global Soup Kitchen. With every success it gains, the company continues to give back to people and the environment, and bring its mission of giving good food and smiles to everyone.

About foodpanda

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