Given my busy schedule and hustle for travel money (lol), the next best thing to having dinner outside with my loved ones is having delicious food delivered straight to us. With February being the "love month", now is the best time (and excuse) to order all the food you love without leaving the house.

From Manila, to Naga, from Cebu to Tacloban - foodpanda has been fully operating and servicing countless Filipinos to curb their hunger. Be it with fancy restaurants, fast food chains, or newly opened brands in the city, the 50% off + free delivery perk only for February is a treat for every foodie.

Want to impress someone? Lover of sweets (or sweet lover lang talaga)? Up the ante and order something delicious from Tous Les Jours instead of the typical chocolate and flowers. Their bread and cookie options are irresistible and give the appearance of indulgence (without spending too much).

Need something refreshing (and all-natural) to cool off? Why not try one of Yi Fang's fruit juices and premium teas, sweetened with the goodness of fruits and compotes. Yum!

Leaning more towards fast food cuisines? Well, nothing says "I love you" like simple yet thoughtful meals, and that's why McDonald's created the classic combo. From breakfast to dinner, burgers and fries are the classic combination, while cheese and anything with eggs is comfort-food that can be enjoyed at any time.

So, this February, skip the long queue and let foodpanda do the lifting for you. For a service created to let you relax and be worry-free when it comes to food delivery, they do it fast, but with love. From the perfect house-date, office-date, or family gathering, foodpanda is all set to deliver.