The world is under quarantine. With the pandemic claiming thousands of lives every week, we're asked to stay home and only go out when necessary. This could be a very trying time especially for those who love going out, but I've got a solution for you. Podcasts.

This list is the second part of this article: 5 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To (click the link to read that one first - I still listen to those podcasts today!)

Here are five of the best podcasts that keep me sane at home! (Just a note: I'm a huge horror fan so most of the podcasts on this list will be leaning towards that genre. They're exciting, though!)

1. Creepy

Everyone in my life knows I love a good scare, and I've added a show to my roster: Creepy. Creepy is a lot like The No Sleep Podcast, with the same amazing narration, ambient sounds, SFX, and stories. I'd recommend listening to this late into the night or at three in the morning. The more immersed you are, the better the scare. Listen to the latest episode:

2. Cults

Next on the list is Cults, a show that takes a historical look into cults, the people involved, the victims affected, and an attempt to explain why (and what) happened in the cult community. This is incredibly entertaining as the hosts share the lives of those on the inside, showing how messed up cult leaders can be. Listen to the latest episode:

3. Nocturnal Transmissions

My new favorite on the list! Within the first few seconds of the episode, you're instantly sucked into the nocturnal universe that is sure to plague your nightmares. The narrator compels you with his raspy, deep voice that suits the mood, and if you decide to listen to the show during the night before going to sleep... well, have fun with that. Listen to the latest episode:

4. Aaron Mahnke's Cabinet of Curiosities

From the creator of the hugely successful podcast Lore comes Cabinet of Curiosities. Coupled with the ever-charming voice of Aaron Mahnke, along with superb research and a well-written show, historical events that pique your curiosity are presented in any way but dull. If you fancy short, professionally-narrated adventures taken from history, you'll be delighted with this show. Listen to the latest episode:

5. The Black Tapes

This is an amazing podcast. The Black Tapes is a serialized docudrama about a journalist's search for truth, her subject's mysterious past, and the ghosts that haunt them - literally and figuratively. This is narrated from the perspective of the journalist, and it takes you deep into what she's experiencing at the same moment. Listen to the latest episode:

I hope this list takes you to another world of adventure! If you do listen to a show or two, let me know what you think and leave a comment below!