2021 work space inspiration - lights, pink mat, macbook air 2020

Hello, 2021!

I know, I know - It's quite late for "it's 2021" posts, but hey, the start of my year was pretty busy with work and family things so here we are... and it's still January. I'd say we're still within the "hey, it's the new year" season.

As I do every year, I don't make resolutions - I make goals. Thanks to a long-time dear friend (hi Bem), I managed to work out my 5 major goals for 2021, and I'm happy to say that as of this time I'm still 100% on-track. 

To list them down with a little explanation:

1. Save P100k by the end of the year.

I'm a heavy shopper (online and in-store) so being able to save this much by December will truly be an achievement. Either that or I take another job so I can still spend while saving? No? Hahaha!

2. Take my music more seriously.

Not many people know about this, but I earn a substantial amount every month from streams of my music on Spotify and Apple Music. Most of my listeners are from the U.S., Singapore, and the Philippines and I want to keep making music 'cause (1) I can earn passively from it, and (2) I really want to keep writing songs and pouring my heart out. (Okay, that explanation was longer than I anticipated.)

3. Create more Youtube videos.

It was last year when I decided to start making Youtube videos and actually making/planning content (not just uploading whatever). I kind of regretted not pursuing Youtube when it was still new in the Philippines, but the only way to move forward is to keep creating. I only have 100+ subs, and though my goal isn't focused on the numbers, I'd like to grow a community that can learn from my videos.

4. Plan my new podcast for creatives.

I initially planned to release this podcast in the first quarter of 2021, but being busy at work and pursuing other things have sort of put a hold on this. I still want to make a new podcast focused on creatives, struggles, and working the industry, but I don't have things planned yet. 

5. Eat healthier and achieve my goal weight.

This one is by far going to be the hardest goal to achieve, but I'm not shutting down the possibilities. I've already started changing the way I eat, I've begun fasting a few times a week, exercising more, and just generally avoiding food that wouldn't help me with this goal. 

My Updated Work Space

Since starting my work-from-home life last December 2019, I've figured out ways to keep myself energized and motivated to be productive, even from my bedroom. Knowing my triggers and potential pitfalls, I've rearranged the room to fit two tables beside each other so I have more breathing space.

work space 2021, long table, pink mat, lights, macbook air 2020

I used to only have the one table on the right (pictured above) but it felt super cramped and the way it was positioned before made the entire table dark and moody. I'd always lean towards watching a movie (or Youtube) instead of focusing on work, and I had to go somewhere else just to get things done. Not how work spaces are supposed to function, haha.

watermelon water dispenser, lights, strawberries, mood lighting

After getting myself a printer, speakers, a TV (as an extra monitor), a water dispenser, and additional storage, I just had to change things up again, and it's been the best thing I've done this year (so far). 

2021 work space, pink mat, 24 inch tv, macbook air 2020, mood lighting

I kid you not - my productivity has gone up by probably 50% compared to my last setup. While I can't give an accurate percentage, I've definitely become much more excited to work and less distracted. The setup I currently have is still not final since I want to mount the TV to the wall in front of me and get more space on the long table.

I'll also be buying a better USB/VGA hub so I can use my pink keyboard and mouse to complete the setup. (There are also plans to buy pink headphones, a pink gaming chair, and other pink stuff to decorate the table with. Makes me excited just thinking about it.)

Other Updates to Note

pink fantech sonar speakers, olivia with long red hair, Hobonichi spread for January

I bought pink RGB speakers on Shopee (pretty nice quality) to make my space even cuter, I got my hair done at the start of the year (another DIY process at home!), and I've fallen in-love with my new Hobonichi Cousin. If you're considering getting a beautiful, functional planner that offers lots of space to write on (and you aren't particular about price), I recommend the A5 Cousin!

That's about it! I'm thrilled to start the year with productivity up and motivation full. I just hope it gets better from here and that this pandemic leaves as quickly as the world found out about it. We're all itching to travel and take in new scenery.

See you in the next blog!