Hello, March!

A few years ago, I would've had a new post every first of the month as "tradition", something to keep me in check that, "Hey, it's been a month and you need to update your blog" or something like it. These days though, blogging consistently is becoming an arduous task.

But that's a story for another mood and another day.

Note: This post was intended to be published last March 3, but it's been a whirlwind of many factors for me so I had to keep putting it off. Everything written here is still accurate though! :)

So, if you're a friend on Facebook, you might've noticed that I started a Spring Cleaning Sale album to sell my only-used-once or never-used-at-all items, ranging from bags to stationery, to makeup.

You see, I'm a hoarder. And an online shopping addict. And yes, that isn't a good image but what can I say? Shopping is as much of a stress reliever as is a bubble bath or a nice staycation at a 5-star hotel. To each their own, right?


I've been pretty busy the past few weeks with work and stuff, but last weekend, I wanted to declutter my space and hopefully find a new home for some pre-loved but well-preserved items.

Spring Cleaning Sale (Bags)

One of the albums I posted was a "Bag edition". I had no plans of selling my bags when I first bought them, but my little bag space at home is now overflowing and has occupied one half of my office space. Since I can't wear all of them, I decided to let a few go and be loved by someone else. 

The bags at the bottom were sold within 3 days of posting the album and those at the top have yet to receive inquiries or offers. Funny thing is, the initial sadness I felt letting them go was replaced by... a sense of fulfillment. I don't know. It was satisfying to see people love them as much as I do. 

If you wanna buy any of these (and I'll be posting more on my Facebook soon), send me a message!

Spring Cleaning Sale (Random)

My first sale was the pink mechanical keyboard and mouse set (which sold in, like, 3-4 hours after posting) and I found the taste for selling things. Since I had a number of things I rarely use, I decided to destash some more. (Items above are still available! I've already sold a few - it's these ones that are still finding their new home.)

Banana Cupcakes (with Crushed Cashews)

One more thing that kept everyone at home busy for a week now is the "pa-order" of my mom's special Banana Cupcake with Crushed Cashews.

I had been pushing for her to promote her bakes and things for the longest time and finally, after I bought her packaging and ribbons, we got a 'forced' green light, haha! Ako rin nag-push to get orders from friends plus ako pa nag-deliver, haha! And that's what you call pursigido! I enjoyed the experience though. I was super active during the weekend.

We're selling each box for P100 to start, and we're open for resellers! I'm working on the branding so that's another thing that'll keep me busy. (My dad's also starting his own roasted chicken and liempo, and pizza businesses so everyone at home is selling something!)

Mini-Goals Update

As of March 24: Granted that the first quarter of 2021 is almost over, it's time to regroup and see where we are with our mini goals. 

What's in the bank?

Answer is, you don't want to know. Haha! Seriously though - it seems like I wasn't firm enough with myself when I set out to do an ipon challenge because holy smokes I've splurged so much on bags. It's too early to tell if I can still meet my finance goals by the end of the year so we're skipping this little embarrassment for now. Eep.

How's the music career ongoing?

This one's practically the only mini-goal I've been able to stick to. I released my first EP of original compositions last February and they're doing surprisingly well! I didn't expect people to love an original so much but my analytics are proving me wrong. 

I really enjoy making music and uploading to streaming services because (1) I get to put something out there that I really worked on and (2) I earn passively through streams!

I'm currently preparing to release a cover of one or two songs by April but gahhhh I'm fully scheduled with things to do! Not complaining though! Just... letting it out for a bit, haha! 

The real tea is...?

Listen, I tried drinking tea after every meal, but I'm acidic and can't do it all the time. What I've done instead is set a different, broader goal of drinking tea no less than 3 times a week. Yes, it's a compromise I didn't want to make but I have my reasons. I'm still drinking tea though, right?

And so, March is ending, but we're only just beginning the real climb. Lots of things are in store for me this year and I want to be careful and not burn out too soon (though it seems like that's exactly what's going on right now). 

We'll keep grinding!