I actually thought I posted something last month.
Turns out that I didn't! Well then. That was... not entirely a shock.
But I'm sure I'll do some back-posting eventually. I just need to sort some memories through and filter out which ones will make for a good blog post!

Moving on...

Hello May! 

It's been an extremely busy couple of weeks for me (that's all faded into a blur) and I wouldn't be able to recall certain events if it weren't for the photos on my phone. Yep, that busy. :(

So now that March has crept up like a ninja, I'm finding myself a bit cautious about promising to do anything for the blog. Every time I declare my plans, something in my life takes the front seat and eventually takes up most (or all) of my time.

I guess this post, however incoherent it reads, is my way of trying to get out of that no-post loop. I mean, it's May, and the first day at that. Time to break the spell, maybe?

I'm also quite happy today since we had our first bible study after dinner. It just feels so good to have the whole family commune to study the word of God. Nakaka-fresh ng utak at puso

Oh, and I also tried washing my clothes for the first time and it was tiring as heck! Thank God for whoever invented the washing machine and drier. :)

Anyway, I know next week at work will be INCREDIBLY stressful, so I'm doing my best to chill and enjoy the time I have with the family. 

Happy May 1st! 

Let's hope we're more active this month. :)