Since I promised to be a bit more active on my blog, I decided to write weekly updates instead. Yes, I'm still unmotivated and always pretty freaking tired to do much of anything else, but I needed to write something! So...

I figured writing a weekly update wouldn't be too much, since I journal daily anyway on my Hobonichi. Might as well add the highlights here, right? In no particular order, here's how my week went!

Day out with my dad

Earlier this week, my dad and I went out for some groceries and other chores. I don't usually go out but I wanted to buy more Monster energy drinks (the Zero Ultra version) and go to an ATM for cash. It also felt right to go out after days of being at home and never getting any sunlight. I swear, I feel like I'm slowly becoming an Asian vampire at this rate. 

I also decided to start wearing more dresses out. Not something I'm usually comfortable with but it's just too hot in the Philippines that I stopped caring about getting looks from people. If I'm comfortable, I'm wearing that ish.

My brother's 19th birthday

My brother's past the base legal age! Haha. I'm so happy to have a brother. I remember being 10 years old and wanting a brother so much I practically begged my parents to make one (as if it was the easiest thing to do)! God finally answered my prayers in 2002 and I've been thankful ever since. 

I hope he had fun with us even if he couldn't celebrate with friends 'cause of Covid. Bawi nalang ako through travels 'pag bukas an and mundo for vacations. :)

Homemade pizza adventures

Since dad started his roast chicken business, we've been doing pizzas at home (another venture he wants to get into after the chicken business takes off). I made various pizzas the past two months (Vegemite pizza, Basil & Cream Cheese pizza, Margherita pizza, and more) and it's always super fun to do. 

I might start my own pizza business if dad doesn't start his soon! My version of Vegemite pizza is the perfect breakfast pizza to exist, in my opinion, haha! Magpapa-order na ba 'ko?

Letting off steam in Call of Duty

Aside from chilling with music and ASMR, I play video and mobile games to relieve stress. There's something so satisfying about shooting enemies in first-person view (which is why I can never get into Mobile Legends or other RPGs) and getting rewarded with high scores all the time.

The highest score I've ever had was a little south of 10,000 and that only happens when I'm in the mood and not thinking of anything else. 

A word of caution for those who want to play with me though: I can help you level up or rank up, but MAKE SURE you contribute something to the team. Ang ayoko sa lahat is yung pabuhat tapos walang natutulong! Magka-score ka naman! Or know how to play the game! I swear, I've played with people who are sweet in chat but end up shooting no one. In those games, I score 70% of the team's total and when that happens, I yeet myself out of the game. 

I did a lot more this week, but it was mostly work things and me jamming to throwback songs while doing them. Instant stress reliever talaga ang music. 

So that's it! My first week went well, I think. 

Cheers to the next one!