Isn't it frustrating when you have all these things you want to do in a day but somehow never find the time to do them? That's me. Every single day. 

Every morning, I make a list of things I want to do... and end up doing just half of them on most days. It's like... regardless of how busy I am, I never get to do the little things I like - and I doubt it's because 24 hours is too short for a day. 

I'm guessing it's because I populate my list with sooo many different tasks and chores that I look at it and go, "Oh hey, let me do this first... oh wait, I think this one is easiest to tick off... but no, this one?" What ends up happening is me debating whether or not I should fix my table first or do my laundry. Then I think, "Well, why not do both at the same time?"

And there goes the issue. 

(Side note: I just read what I wrote and I'm flabbergasted at how unstructured it is. Yikes.)

I mean, I want to blog more actively again with topics that help me reflect on the world and my purpose and dreams, but the more I try to squeeze ideas out, the more blank my head gets. You get what I mean? Like, I just want to write. Something. Something personal or based on my own experience. I could search for prompts but they feel shallow, almost. Like something's missing.

(Side note 2: I am so sorry to be subjecting you to these rants. This will end soon, haha!)

Anyway, something I decided to do this month is to be a bit more active on this blog so to support that goal, here's another set of updates. (I must warn you, these are scattered updates and aren't meant to point to single instances of the week.)

This Week's Happenings

Went grocery shopping early in the week and bought more Monster Zero Ultras, cookies, and then I saw that the Blackpink Pepsi editions were in the store! There were no more bottle variants so I had to settle for the pink cans. I eventually found a bottle variant but it was in blue. Bought one anyway since JENNIE, haha!

As for the Pocky Sakura flavour, it's a pass for me. I'm not a fan of super sweet food and this one was quite up there with those red velvet, triple chocolate cakes in my opinion. The point was to try it once, and that was what I did. It's not a bad flavour, but it wasn't for me. Going back to the classic flavours!

Again, some of my down time was spent playing Call of Duty for stress relief. But again I've played games where the players had no clue what they were doing. The image above is a short love letter for 'em.

Also... I bought an old Nokia 3310! I've been having weeks of nostalgia flooding my head that even my choice of clothing and music have been affected. 

I've invested in 90s fashion items, a vintage phone (which is the start of an "old phones I had in the past" collection I want to pursue), listened to music ranging from the Earth, Wind and Fire era, to MJ, to Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give You Up', and I have never felt more at home.

Anything to mentally get out of the current state of the world.

So yeah. 

I want to write a pre-weekend post tomorrow so I'm reserving more updates 'til then. If you haven't guessed by now, I'm writing this to fulfil a decision. Dragging out updates seem to be the easiest way to do so. (Again, I'm sorry for being mentally tired, lol.)

See you 'til the next one!